Hey there!  I’m Sarah, 30-something mama, Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, and Self Proclaimed Foodie.

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I empower women to stop obsessing about their pant size, honor their bodies, feel alive and stay inspired in the skin they're in.  

But it wasn’t always this way..



I spent my entire life judging & comparing my body to others, obsessing about food and never feeling like my body was “good enough.”

I was constantly thinking about what I did or didn’t eat, what I was “allowed” and “not allowed” to have.

My pant size was never small enough, I was never happy with the scale, and I was constantly checking my reflection to make sure clothes weren’t pinching to “make me look bigger than I already was”. 🤣

And as someone very involved in the group exercise and fitness sector for 10+ years, I admittedly taught and practiced the diet approach for many years. Calories in + calories out.

It took peering back at the reflection of my postpartum body after 2 back to back pregnancy losses for me to realize that in order to truly heal and move forward I had to learn to embrace, love, and celebrate my body NOW, in this moment.

Because if I was honest in reflecting, attaining that size 4 wasn’t going to heal shiz 💩

It's been quite the journey.  After years of defining myself by a number and identifying a big part of my self worth around my physical body, it feels SO.FREAKING.EMPOWERING to truly embody MY body and all that it can do.  


YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE than a freaking calorie expenditure!



Self love is a tricky thing.  It requires some deep inner work.  The right questions. The right care.  The right reflections. It requires the right support.  And girl, we're better together! 

To finding joy in the journey, lessons in the messy middle, and to the next BIG thing in your life,

xo sarah

Sarah studied and earned her Holistic Health & Life Coach certifications through Health Coach Institute. She hold 3 levels of Mat Pilates Certification, has 10+ years teaching experience in and around the city of Pittsburgh as well as BA and MEd degrees in Education.  
She has worked with hundreds of clients across the country, helping them to approach their health and their bodies from a place of worthiness, inner peace and self love.
Sarah lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband Chris, son Ziggy, and their silly black cat named Freye.