CONGRATULATIONS on achieving this HUGE milestone in your business!!  You are now among the LEADERS in the network.  The only place to go from here is...UP!  

Things to start if you haven't already:

Facebook Business Page

It is important to continue to compile content, and gain page likes for credibility in your COLD market. Even if you are still very much tapped into your warm market now, it is important to be building this DAILY so that the transition is as seamless as possible.  Next up, Facebook ads!

Team Page

Whether you have 2 coaches, or 12, this is your opportunity to SHINE BRIGHT as a leader to your team! 

Find ways to become involved in Leadership Activities  

  • Co-host Coach Opportunity Presentations/Groups
  • Develop & mentor Emerald Coaches/Business Builders
  • Recognize top performing Coaches on your Team
  • Help your PS coaches with goal setting
  • Collaborate and lead training activities including Coach Basics and Team calls
  • Dial in an onboarding system for your new coaches and your downline/Team
  • Schedule and participate in regular 1:1 calls with me!


Make a Plan to Build a Solid Diamond

Building a solid diamond means that you have at least 12 ACTIVE PS coaches.  2 of those Emeralds on each side of your organization.  Once you have this solid organization built, discuss building for volume on your weak leg to generate higher volume & team cycle bonuses! 



Revisit the Leadership Ladder 

Set goals based on team leader qualifications:








Get Back to the Basics

Remember your roots!  Continue the same activities that you did when you were a Coach, and an Emerald!

Connect with your corporate mentor.

Find the one in your area here

Understanding ELITE and Premire 

2017 ELITE Guide

Understanding ELITE and Premiere 2017: 


Premiere FAQ


→Also begin checking your ELITE ranking in your COO.  This report is updated the second Friday a=of every month.  In December, it is updated weekly.  

My business > My Qualifications >My ELITE and Premiere Qualifications

Set Up A Mentor Call 

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