This is the first of many incredible milestones you will reach in your business.  


Customer Leads 

Hit Success Club, and you now now qualify for Customer Leads AND Success Club leads!  Be sure you have met the qualifications here.  

→Double check your qualification in your back office.  My Business>My qualifications > Success Club Qualification, My Lead Program Qualification  

→Once you qualify, you will need a stellar email template use when making new connections.  Check out mine here

Email Signature 

→ I recommend setting up a free Wisestamp Signature.  It will make you feel fancy, and also make you look very professional!  (Because you are!)  You can do that here.  Be sure to use Google Chrome to access.   

Coach Online Office

→ There are some action items you need to know regarding your back office.  Begin doing these things every day, starting TODAY! 

Get to Know the Leadership Ladder 

→The Leadership Ladder was designed to create an additional benchmark for growing your business.  You can learn more about what the leadership ladder is, where to find it in you COO, and how to climb the rungs here.    

Find your Sponsorship Drilldown

Now that you have a team, it is important that you are keeping an eye on what is happening in your downline!  Every Tuesday, you will want to check your Sponsorship Drilldown.  

Find it in your COO > My Business > My Downline > Sponsorship Drilldown.  

Here you will find everything you need to know about your PS coaches activity, including PV, SC activity, placement, their as well as their status (active/inactive).  Remember that your coaches need to remain ACTIVE in order for you to hold your rank.  Your Drilldown will grow as your team grows, so it is essential that you get familiar with it now.

Creating an Organized, Replicatable System

→Building a successful team requires you to teach all that you have learned to your PS coaches.  It's just about duplicating your success!  Don't panic--always remember to just start where YOU are.  Continue to organize resources in your Google Drive, so that they are easily accessible, and make sharing with your downline easy.      

Start your Roadmap to Diamond 

→Set a diamond date, and begin working toward it!!  Be sure to discuss placement with your sponsor coach prior to signing up these foundational coaches.  It is closer than you think!  Find your road map here.      

 Set Goals & Create your Vision Board 

→Creating a VISION of what you want to achieve is so important.  I recommend creating BIG goals for yourself.  Where do you see yourself one year from now?  What small stepping stones will take you there?  Begin creating yours here.    

Taxes and Record Keeping 

→Taxes are not deducted from our earnings.  You will owe taxes on earning exceeding $600, and will complete a 1099 form with your taxes. Reach out to your accountant or tax person to discuss how they prefer you organize this information.  

→It is important to keep a folder with receipts for business expenses at the end of the fiscal year.  Read through this list to find a list of things that are deductable. 

→Shakeology, and programs are tax deductable.  You can run a quick expense report at the end of the year to total this.  Find out how here.  

Facebook Business Page

Start one! It is important to begin to compile content, and gain page likes for credibility in your COLD market.  Even if you are still very much tapped into your warm market now, it is important to be building this DAILY so that the transition is as seamless as possible.  

Watch this training video to learn WHY and HOW

Most Importantly:  Stay Consistent 

→Don't forget consistency in the 4 VITAL BEHAVIORS!  They are the CORE to all that we do.  

Mentor Call

→I would like to set up a mentor call with you to answer questions and discuss your goals and Diamond date.   Please complete the form below and let me know a day that works well with your schedule.  

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You will rock this.


xo sarah