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WHERE have the last 2 months gone?! I’s been a whirlwind. Our house is messier, our hearts are fuller and we’re right where we’re supposed to be.

This postpartum journey has been so different on so many levels. I’m sure partly because this isn’t my first rodeo, but also because my self care game has done a complete 180 over the last few years. While food & nutrition have been a huge focus, I’ve also focused on taking care of what’s going on inside my little ‘ol head. Why?

Being healthy is SO much more than what we eat and the movement we do.

1 month PP >> 2 months PP

1 month PP >> 2 months PP

It involves our thoughts. It involves our words.

It took some time to retrain that little voice in my brain. You know, the one that tells me I’m fat, I’m not enough or disgusting. The one that points out the cellulite and extra fluff. The one that reminds me that I’m still not back in my pants, or not strong enough to do a push up..

Wanna know what I tell her when she creeps back? That little voice in my brain? “Hey there, I remember you. Sorry, but I not longer have the space for that kind of negativity in my life.” #peaceoutbeatch

And I remind myself that..

My chest and belly are the perfect, soft, place for my tiny baby to snuggle and feel safe.

My arms are strong enough to pick up my baby, embrace my 5 year old, and hold them both tight.

My pants don’t have feelings, and I mean..who likes wearing pants when it’s warm anyway. #seeyainthefall

My body grew & birthed a perfect HUMAN without medication, which requires the mental & physical strength + endurance of a distance runner.

…and I’m committed to leaning in and enjoying the journey. Where I am today, in this moment— We’ll never be here again.

Sometimes I feel that negative voice creep back in. So, I ask myself daily how I can find JOY in this journey? What I am I so grateful for?

Pretty amazing things happen when you trump negativity with gratitude.

Some days they’re big things, other days they’re small, but I am reminded regularly how blessed this life is. Yours is, too. What are you grateful for? Share below!


Want to know what’s also wild? I notice on days when I put crap into my body, I feel like crap. My patience is short, I feel like the walking dead, I can’t poop, and I notice a dip in my milk supply.

Staying focused on fueling my body with {mostly} whole foods has kept my energy up, my moods stable, regularity on point, milk supply going strong and like I have an overall better sense of control on the daily.

The meals on our weekly plans come right from our kitchen and they’re deigned to save time, save money, and taste fab. I throw these together with an infant a toddler in tow—YOU CAN TOO! This week is all about ONE pan/pot meals!

Here’s a sneak peak:

5.10 pics.jpg

This week, we’re diving into:

—Chocolate for breakfast (have you noticed we get away with this a lot?!)

—A GORGEOUS, French inspired salad

—A nutrient dense version of a Mexican favorite — NACHOS!

—A creamy, veggie filled pasta

—And because everything is better when served on a corn tortilla…. TACOS!

In this week's video, learn more about what the deal is with tofu, and GMOs.

Oh! And as a bonus in May, we’re including our Freezer Stash Guide! 10 delicious recipes to stock in your freezer for easy grab and go when life gets cray (because it will). Here’s one of them >> Black Bean Burgers

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Let’s stay connected!   Contact me anytime, HERE.

Let’s stay connected! Contact me anytime, HERE.

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