Gratitude in Pregnancy

I parked at Ziggy’s preschool the other day only to realize that I completely underestimated my size and had to move the car in order to exit the vehicle 🤣🤣


But it’s ok because we’re saying “Oh heyyyyyy 29 weeks!” 👋🏼👋🏼

Every.single.week of this pregnancy has been a huge blessing. 🤰🏻

Up to this moment, all the ups, the downs, the unknowns, the envy... the periods of wonder, of loss, of frustration and defeat... All such important chapters in my life’s journey, and pieces I can now see the positive intention in. 🙏🏼

Not to get all woo-woo and mushy pants, but every day of this life? It’s a freaking miracle. We’ll be over here continuing to count our little blessings..those in utero and those already earthside. ✨

What are so grateful for, right now, in this moment ?