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Just Keep Climbing: Lessons Along the Way

How is it that this sweet babe is 2 months old?!

It’s wild to be here. Four pregnancies…2 babies. Lots of joy…lots of tears. Lots of learning… lots of fears. A lot of growing. Lots of wondering and praying. So. Much. Patience. This is the stuff that people don’t tell you.

You know, they say the best view comes after the hardest climb…


Thank you sweet babies, all 4 of you, for being my biggest teachers. Thank you for showing me patience, persistence, and the power of not giving up. Thank you for showing me that anything is possible. For teaching me to dream big, not give up & not settle for anything less than I really want. I am grateful for the journey and all of the lessons that it continues to bring.


A friend and mentor recently said, “When people give up on their dreams when the going gets tough, I get so sad. Because they don’t realize that if they just keep going, they’ll reach those goals and see those views. The journey might be messy and hard, but damn, its worth it.”

Whatever journey you’re on..whatever it is that you’re working toward…don’t give up when it gets hard.

Just keep climbing.


PS. While we were waiting for Tripp, we developed an amazing resource and are excited to share it with you! {For the record, you don't have to be preparing for the arrival of a human to benefit from stocking your freezer full of goodness!}

It’s full of healthy, plant based, gluten free recipes you can cook in bulk and stash into your freezer for when life gets cray (because it will).

I’m talking pancakes, muffins, savory soups, stews & broths, staple sauces, burgers and dessert! The guide complete with photos, ingredient lists, simple instructions, individual grocery lists, storing and serving suggestions. It’s pretty awesome and we are so excited to share with you for FREE this month!

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The Freezer Stash Guide comes as a FREE bonus to everyone who dives into The Veg Out Meal Plan Series in the month of May! If you want in, sign up here by this Thursday (May 23rd)

:Here’s a sneak peak at what our members are cooking up this week:

—A creamy, overnight breakfast bowl

—A simple, Mediterranean inspired salad

—Pasta packed with veggies

—A spin on Green Eggs & Ham Dr Seuss would be proud of

—And a tasty spin on caprese pizza

We use shared ingredients each week in the meal plans, and In this week’s video, we’re talking about WHY we do this, and how it is helping YOU! If you want in, sign up here by this Thursday (May 23rd)

And just in case you missed it last week, here’s one of our favorite recipes included in the Freezer Stash Guide >> Black Bean Burgers

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