third trimester workout

Third Trimester Workout

31+ weeks, still moving it and grooving it over here. 💃🏻

Instead of throwing in the towel on my movement game, I’m just modifying like crazy (which is a lot) and I’m totally fine with that. Girls gotta prepare for the marathon that’s about to take place here in a few weeks! 😎

So often, the fear of not being perfect, not being able to keep up, lift heavy enough weights, move quickly enough, do enough reps, or feeling embarrassed because we need to modify to take a break holds us back from even starting. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Want to know how you’re never going to be strong enough, have enough endurance, increase speed or reps or accomplish whatever badass physical goals you envision for yourself?

By not starting or by giving up.

Right now is an opportunity to CHOOSE something different for yourself. Where you are in THIS moment is perfect. Start there. ❤️

Modifications in this video;

🤰🏻lower weights 
🤰🏻slower pace (I sped this up so no one would fall asleep while watching 😂) 
🤰🏻decrease frequency 
🤰🏻 instead of laying on belly, move from all fours 
🤰🏻instead of laying flat in back, recline in a chair or move from standing 
🤰🏻 have fun and don’t give a f⭐️ck what anyone else thinks 😉