Love the Skin You're In: Healing Tinea Versicolor

Not your average #transformationtuesday



The photo on the left popped up in my memories, and was a reminder to how far I’ve come.

See, about 2 years ago, my skin was dry and I developed a condition called tinea versicolor, 👈🏼 which reaps the pigment, creating blotches of varying skin tones. It’s not uncomfortable or contagious, but it doesn’t look pretty and makes you feel gross. 



My nails & hair became brittle and frail. I began to experience chronic mouth sores, deep boils on my face, as well as extreme digestive discomfort. My periods stopped.

On top of it all, I was an emotional roller coaster. There were days that I was debilitatingly exhausted, which I chalked up to being a working mom who was building a business in the background.  

I saw my PCP, my midwife, dermatologist, an ER doctor and spent 4 months with an endocrinologist. After it all, I was referred to a reproductive endocrinologist, at which point I decided to take an alternative route.

I feverishly read and researched.

I made changes to my diet.

My hair stopped falling out. My digestive symptoms eased. The cold sores and boils stopped. My period came back.

I began a supplement regimen.

I made changes to reduce stress.


My nails started growing again.

And while I can't reverse the sun damage from my teens and twenties #hellofreckles, my skin has regained health, which is a sign that my body is not only being properly nourished, but is absorbing those nutrients.

This is what I've learned; Even foods that are deemed as healthy are not healthy for every one {body}!

All bodies are different.  All bodies change. That food IS in fact medicine. That bringing it back to what we know is REAL food has the ability to heal. There isn't one cookie cutter approach.

I was eating the wrong foods for MY body!


It didn't matter that I was eating whole, clean foods, in the right portions or staying active every day. It didn't matter that I drank tons of water, and limited alcohol.

Do I have it all figured out? Nope. I am still learning, still listening to my body every day. And, compelled & driven to help others learn how to listen to theirs.

s many of you know, I work with women to uncover the food and lifestyle habits that are holding them back, and am opening up my February schedule.

If you're struggling with unexplained skin conditions, digestive discomfort, irritability,  mood swings or even missing irregular cycles/infertility... 

if you feel like you've tried everything...

if you're lacking energy and don't know where to start...

if what's always worked is no longer working...

or you know that deep down you are missing something in regard to your health...

please, let’s connect.

The gap between where you are and where you want to be can sometimes feel so big that it feels impossible to fill that gap.  It takes courage to explore something new.  It takes even more courage to stick with it. 

Let's work together to uncover the foods and lifestyle habits that are holding them back from living a VIBRANT life. You deserve a vibrant life!


xoxo sarah