The Truth About the BMI Chart

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You know how they weigh you at the doctors office, then put you in a tiny room placed right in front of the BMI chart? 🤣

You know...that little chart that doesn’t account for muscle mass, water retention, changes?

...The one that stares at you as you sit on that crunchy ass paper, in the silence of that space, reminding you that you’re “not good enough, not thin enough, and that you should really do something to change.” 😭




According to that BMI chart, I’m one tier away from being considered overweight for my height. 🤷🏻‍♀️

According to the scale, I’m 8 pounds heavier than I was this time last year. ⚖️

According to my pants, I’m a size 8. 👖

According to society, I’m short and curvy. ➰

According to my 4-year-ago-self, I’m “so fat.” 🤯

According to my son, I am the most perfect being on the planet. 🌍

According to my husband, I’m sexy AF. 😏

According to my present self, this exactly where I’m supposed to be in this season of my life. 🌱

And it’s funny to be reflecting from this space, because when I created my vision board with goals for this year, a weight loss goal was on the list.

I hit print.

For a moment I reflected, realizing that the the weight loss goal wasn’t in alignment with other goals for our family this year. I went to grab my copy off of the printer to toss into the recycling.

It didn’t print 🤷🏻‍♀️

So, I went on the edit my vision board, removing the weight loss goal, and replacing it with “practice self love, honor body,” and hit print.

It printed.

There are subtle messages throughout our day, guiding us. We miss them if we’re not listening. Tune in! 👂🏼

And just so you know, you are not a number. Don't let one define you. ❤️

To honoring your body, feeling alive, and staying inspired in the skin you're in! 

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