2018 Recap

This week, I reflected on 2018 with my Mastermind Community. The lessons I’ve learned?

2018 Top 9.jpg

✨It is okay for ME to be supported!!

✨Our bodies are these crazy, intricate machines that will fully serve us when we serve them.

✨MINDSET is key to success in anything--continue to feed, nourish, exercise and rest my mind just as I do my body.

✨STRESS MANAGEMENT is such a key piece. A stressed body will not heal….release weight….or stay pregnant.

This year full of highs and lows, but overall filled with joy and so much gratitude:

Completing my Life Coach certification to compliment my work in Holistic Health, providing fuel to create the programs that now serve women across North America 🤩

Dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time in an all expenses paid leadership retreat 🌊

Proudly supporting my husband Chris Kaminski and our friend & business partner Christine Iksic as they opened the doors to 3 Rivers Outdoor Company🌲

Dipping my toes in the Gulf of Mexico and for the first time in my life, not completely obsessing or self criticizing how I looked in a bikini 👙

For the first time ever, walking out of a store with a pair of pants that felt good on my body, without giving a f👊🏼ck about the number in the tag 👖

Being super intentional about getting fresh air and sunshine with Chris and Ziggy -- in other oceans, on trails and in neighborhoods 🌞

Watching moments of pure JOY on Ziggy’s face and experiencing this life through his eyes 🙇🏼‍♂️

Finally listening to everyone 😂 and launching The Veg Out Meal Plan Subscription; helping people everywhere simplify what’s for dinner with healthy recipes that don’t suck! 🥕

And of course, grateful for every day that I’m still growing this rainbow babe! 🌈

Sending thoughts of peace and joy to everyone as we embark on a New Year!! ✨🎊🥂