33 Weeks Pregnant and Painting

It’s sometimes wild looking at a before and wondering how you lived with it for that long 😳 *tap to expand see bedroom transformation*

While I put the final coat of paint on these walls a couple weeks ago, my grandmother called to wish me a happy birthday.

“You’re painting on your birthday?!”

“Yup! Totally not enjoying this part, but know I will enjoy the outcome.”

Sure, painting while 33 weeks pregnant was definitely not the highlight of my week. 🤰🏻

But I loved creating a vision for what I wanted to room to look like..picking out the paint..working on a project with Chris..going to home goods and picking out new tiny touches..reorganizing the space.

The only part that really sucked was the painting part.

And I’m so glad I stuck with it because our bedroom is a much more beautiful place
to be !! 😍

So when you find yourself wrapped up in the part of the journey that feels hard.. the part that you hate the most.. the part that you find yourself complaining about..

..shift your focus to your vision, the process you’re in, and all the little pieces along the way that actually give you joy. 🧚🏼‍♂️

You don’t have to go fast. You just have to go ❤️


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