Health from a Place of Self Love: 4 Week Exploration

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It's almost summer!

In honor of the season of sunshine and growth, I invite you to embark on a journey of self-care, healing and rejuvenation.     


It is easy to put these things on the back-burner when you are focusing on the people that you love.  You want to bring our A game -- to be alive and engaged with them, which means it's easy to put yourself last.  

But here's the thing...

You can't bring your A game when you’re depleted, exhausted, overworked, over committed, and consistently putting your needs last. You cannot pour from an empty pitcher.

When you do, you AND your loved ones end up cheated. They don’t get the best version of you, they get a worn down, depleted, cranky, walking dead version of you.  You think you're bringing your A game, but instead are bringing your B, or C or D game.

You DESERVE to feel nourished, to have confidence, to have energy and a spring in your step!  For you AND the people that you love.

Are you ready?

This 4 week group coaching program might be a good for you if:

→ Feel confused about the best foods for your body

→ Are interested in approaching your weight and your health from a place of self love

→ Want to adopt mindful patterns around your health

→ Are ready to trade short term solutions for long term, sustainable solutions


This group program is designed to take the confusion about what to eat, provide a platform for mindful patterns around your health and create a foundation for long term, sustainable lifestyle change. No crazy pills, tricks, gimmicks, or diets of negative self talk.

Just real food, the real system, tools and support you need to approach your health (and your BODY) from a place of self love.  From this place, making food and lifestyle choices that serve you become easy!

What’s included:

>>(1) 1:1 60 Minute Coaching Session with Me. This session is designed for you to get super clear on your goals, what is holding you back, and actionable steps for you to begin taking to radically improve your health (and your life!)

>>(3) 60 Minute Live Group Coaching Sessions With Our Tribe.  For 3 consecutive weeks, we will meet at Cooper-Siegel Community Library in Pittsburgh, PA, where I share customized coaching exercises that are guaranteed to accelerate your results and help you achieve major breakthroughs.  These coaching sessions are designed to create a place of community and trust.

>> Online Support Community; to stay connected with our tribe throughout our 4 week journey.

>>Customized Done-For-You Materials Such As Checklists, Recipes, Handouts And More. Expect curated information that is relevant, practical and actionable, so you can stay out of overwhelm and in action!!

In order to give you the best possible coaching experience, space is limited! Applicants will be considered on a first come-first serve basis.

We kick off the week of June 3!



Still on the fence?  


I get it.  It has to just be "another program."  Trust me, I've tried them all.  

Until a few years ago, I would let one “bad” choice lead to another...and the another. It was like the never ending cycle of judgement, kind of like this:

Eats a donut at work 👉🏼 says, well eff it, I just screwed up today 👉🏼 eats candy off friends desk 👉🏼 leaves packed lunch in fridge and grabs take out 👉🏼 eats cookie in the afternoon 👉🏼 gahhhhh I feel like 💩 👉🏼 goes home 👉🏼skips workout 👉🏼 has wine and an entire bag of skinny pop instead of dinner.

This cycle would continue sometimes for days, other times for weeks. It was the “being good or being bad” syndrome. It sucked 🤣

So now if I choose to have the donut I realize this a CHOICE, in which I am in control over..just like every other decision I make throughout my day. I approach it without judgement, but instead with curiosity:

1. So, I ate a donut. It was delicious. Moving forward! 

2. So, I ate a donut. And now I feel _______. What was I going for (or trying to cope with/cover up/avoid) by eating this donut? 

This is what I help my clients to do, and I want to help you, too!!

What I've learned through through this time, and in my own personal health journey, is that there are as many “diets” as there are people on the planet.  Do I have it all figured out? Nope. I am still learning, still listening to my body every day. And, compelled & driven to help others learn how to listen to theirs.  What you learn about YOUR body and YOUR habits during this program will change your life!  


What clients are saying...

Jan K., Pittsburgh, PA 

Jan K., Pittsburgh, PA 

"I had been realizing that I needed and wanted to make some changes in my lifestyle.  I had fallen into habits of self-neglect, especially in terms of thoughtful and nutritious meal planning.  I know that, to make a significant change of any type, it's hard to go it alone.
It felt like perfect timing when I received an email invitation from Sarah to join her 6-week group coaching program.  .In this first meeting, I was quickly drawn to Sarah's contagious enthusiasm in sharing her areas of expertise and passion.
I am filled with appreciation for Sarah and for her consistent and loving guidance.  It was also of great value to have this experience in a communal forum. The group's camaraderie greatly enhanced the experience, allowing us to share our challenges, learnings, inspirations and celebrations with one another.
I have re-discovered the good feeling that comes from truly caring about my well-being, by  making self-care a consistent and joyful priority. I am well on my way.
If you are ready to welcome some topnotch and fun coaching, on your way to optimal health.........treat yourself to a collaboration with Sarah."
Sarah T., Pittsburgh, PA 

Sarah T., Pittsburgh, PA 

"There are so many accomplishments I'm proud of that started during this jump start. In addition to weight loss, I'm most proud of the "non scale victories." In just six weeks, my blood pressure dropped from being in the "high" category to just being slightly elevated. It was so amazing to celebrate this victory with my doctor at my last check up and our hope is that the changes I've made will eventually mean I can go off high blood pressure medication!
The biggest change for me is that I finally feel in control. I am acutely aware of the decisions that I make with regard to my nutrition and my body -- no longer do my choices send me into the cycle of guilt that eventually results in giving up on myself. Let it go. Move forward.
A new habit Sarah instilled in us is to "re frame" self-limiting beliefs that naturally creep up. I catch myself thinking "I don't have time" and hear Sarah's voice saying "wait, let's re frame that" and I land on something like "there's always enough time for what is most important."
In this program, you are not alone. The level of knowledge and trust that Sarah brings is, without a doubt, the most important part of this journey. Not only is she knowledgeable and authentic, she is also funny, honest, real, and trustworthy. As a result, she brought out those characteristics in all of us in the group.  The group that started together in January became very close, and we continue to rely on each other to celebrate victories (however small), re frame all the negative crap, share recipes, and to move forward!
This is not for someone who wants "microwave results." This is a "slow cooker" program that's more about the sum of a lot of small changes then a quick fix that can't be sustained!"
Abby I., Pittsburgh, PA 

Abby I., Pittsburgh, PA 

"This program allowed me to refocus my thoughts about food and how to best fuel my body. I've never considered myself an un-healthy eater, but I think we all have patterns that revolve around food, some of them healthy and some of them definitely not. I also just feel so in-tune with my body.  I have learned that my body will tell me when I am doing something that serves it and when I am not. I am now much more capable and wanting to react to those messages now after this program.
I no longer depend on coffee in the morning for my energy, but rather my food choices that compound over the days.  I am doing less stress/boredom eating, and if I do, I am able to choose more nutritious, high-energy foods that make me feel better afterwards instead of worse. I stopped using my hectic work schedule and social life as an excuse to put my health on the backburner.  These habits I've started make my body feel amazing and they make me feel good about my body. This outlook gives me the ability to live my best life with confidence and vibrancy.
Overall, I feel happier at work and am in a much better mood.  I am sleeping much better, and feeding myself properly has flowed over into me taking care of myself more holistically- body, mind, and spirit.  The support and accountability that this group of women offered was really special. And of course, Sarah is always there to answer any questions and provide support! She is in it for the long haul --no quick fixes here!"


What is Holistic Health?

Holistic health takes a WHOLE body approach to health and wellness, taking into account emotional and social factors, as well as incorporating whole foods and movement. 

What are your credentials? 

I began studying plant based nutrition in 2009, and began my online Health Coaching practice in 2015. I have worked with hundreds of clients across the, helping them to approach their health and their bodies from a place of worthiness, desire and self love

I studied and earned my Holistic Health Coach certification through Health Coach Institute, and am currently working to complete my Life Coach certification. I also hold 3 levels of Mat Pilates Certification, have 10 years teaching experience around the city of Pittsburgh and hold BA and MEd degrees in Education.

What makes this program different?

I hold the belief that my clients are their own best health experts. I see my role as providing resources, and opening up the avenues for YOU to tap into your intuition! My personalized coaching experience enables women to plow through the negative beliefs that are holding them back from truly loving themselves.  From this place, we choose to eat healthier, move our bodies with itention, maintain a balanced mood with increased energy levels, and live an overall vibrant life!  

When are sessions held? 

Initial 1:1 session is held over the phone.  Group sessions are held in a private space at Cooper-Siegel Community Library 
I'm not really sure if this is a good fit for me.  How can I learn more?
Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session, where we'll talk more about your goals, and discuss together whether or not this program is a good fit!