Why is Being Healthy So Expensive?

Things I used to spend a lot of money on...

🚬cigarettes. $7+ pack/4 packs a week

🍻happy hour. $75 on average for drinks and apps/2x week

🍴dinners out. Chris and I used to go out, often times on a whim, 2-3x/week for dinner. For both of us, $80 each meal with a few drinks.

🍏grocery shopping. Never a plan, never a list, and we were always stopping to pick up "one" thing on our way home from work. Our average cost for groceries per month, as a family of TWO were upwards of $250/week. And because we ended up eating out on a whim half the time, I would throw tons of fresh produce away at the end of each week. 😆

⭕️the dollar bin at Target. It's like it immediately puts you into a trance when you walk into the store, "look into eye. Walk through me and buy all the things!!!" I can't be the only one who has walked into target for two things and left, literally, with bags full of shit from those aisles. Never used to get out of there spending less than $200, at least 1x/month.

=$2,632/month 😳

Then, when it came to investing in my health or personal growth, I was like, "OMG! That is how much???! It's just not in my budget right now." 😂

z and i5.jpg

I'm not going to lie. I still enjoy a drink or meal out, and that damn dollar bin. But you know what I've realized? Very modest changes in those 👆🏼spending habits opened up opportunities for me to invest in myself, over and over again.

Bottom line is this: our physical and mental health should be our #1 priority. Without it, the meals out, occasional happy hours with friends, and all that shit we buy at the dollar bin really doesn’t matter. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So, the next time you say no to yourself, consider taking a look at how and where you are spending. Chances are, like me, you have money hiding all over the place 💸

✌🏼❤️💪🏼  peace love and strength, sister.  we've totally got this!  

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