4 Tips to Staying Healthy over Summer Holidays

You can attend your long weekend picnics & celebrations without feeling deprived!  #forrealyo


Here are some tips to help you get through:


  >> Going for seconds?  No probs!  Gulp down 12-20 ounces first! 

  >> Want the sugar cookie?  Sure thing!  Gulp 12-20 ounces of water FIRST! 

  >> Want a margarita?  Perfect!  Gulp 12-20 ounces (of water, not tequila ;)   first.  

BRING along a healthy option to share.  This is a kind gesture, while also guaranteeing a healthy option at your celebration! The Veg Out Meal Plan Series offers a wide variety of amazing, easy, healthy dishes!

EAT MORE PLANTS. Envision dividing your plate in half, and loading up HALF of that plate with fresh fruits & veggies. The Veg Out Meal Plans are another easy way to do this!

STAY active! A holiday is even more reason to move your body with intention.  Get a walk under your belt, a short hike, or run around and play an active game with the kids .  You will feel so much better by keeping your body moving!

→Most importantly, ENJOY yourself!! You are NOT dieting!! You are making making choices that SERVE you. And chances are, you will inspire someone today.  <3 


And here’s our favorite homemade hummus recipe, perfect for sharing! We’re sharing an awesome Labor Day weekend promo over here, too!  

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