Best Sources of Plant-Based Protein

#1 question we get when sharing with people that we eat a plant based diet:



"Where do you get your protein?!?"


Think about this for a second. Where do some of the worlds largest living things get their intense strength and power?

I'm taking elephants. 🐘Giraffes. Rhinoceros. 🦏Gorilla. 🦍Hippopotamus. Elk. 🦌and when they roamed the Earth, Tons of DINOSAURS. 🐲

🙌🏻🙌🏻Yup, you guessed it! Plants! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

One cup of lentil soup will deliver nearly 20 GRAMS of protein. When combined with a balanced diet, deliver a complete protein profile, which is exactly what the body needs. 👻

So here's the deal. A 100% plant based diet isn't for everyone (we aren't 100%!).

What IS for everyone are the benefits we reap from incorporating MORE plants into our diet. 🥒🍈🌱

Check out some of these delish sources of plant-based proteins.  Chances are, you are already incorporating more than you realize! 


Beans (kidney, black, garbanzo/chickpea, white, lima, etc) dried and cooked or drained & rinsed

Lentils, cooked & drained

Edamame, shelled, organic 

Tofu, organic sprouted if possible

Tempeh, organic

photo cred: Health Magazine

photo cred: Health Magazine

Seitan, organic 

Green peas 

Hemp Hearts

Organic, unsweetened nut butters (peanut, almond..)

Nuts; peanut, almond, macadamia, walnut, brazil, pistachio, cashew, hazelnut, pecan

Seeds; chia, pumpkin

Wild rice 

Nutritional yeast 



Steel cut or whole (not quick cook) oats

Protein powder, vegan; to add to smoothies.  Please email me for my recommendations! 


And, even these plants carry 2-5 grams per 1 c serving:

Organic, sweet corn


Broccoli rabe






Brussel sprouts 



Portobella mushrooms

Hubbard squash 

Collard greens


Now you might be like, well Sarah, how am I sure that I get all essential amino acids ?!  (these are the 9 essential acids necessary for optimal body function) Not to worry--  as long as you get a variety of proteins throughout the day, you'll get ample amounts of each amino acids. 

Start where you are! 👌🏼

If you don’t know where to start, please reach out!!  


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