New Take On The New Year Resolution

Ya know how we all tend to think that January 1st is a powerful day? A day for new beginnings, for starting over, for finally going after your next-level dreams--the body...the health...the relationships that you want (and deserve!).

No one thinks, "August 10th is a great day to start a new chapter in my life!" But why not?

What would happen if you gave today all the power of January 1st?

I spent my entire adult life yo-yo dieting, Googling "How to Lose 5 Pounds," and obsessing about what I did or did't eat.

I did a lot of "starting on Monday," "starting over again tomorrows" and felt like my every moment was consumed with thoughts of what I did or didn't eat.

Through it all, I've been a size 2, and a size 10, and you know what I have FINALLY figured out?!

20s 30s.jpg

When you're not feeling deprived, you don't need to start again and stop again. When you've learned how to tune with how your body FEELS when you eat certain foods, you begin to consistently make choices that make you feel good. Because, um, who wants to feel like ๐Ÿ’ฉ--in body and mind-- all the time? (I sure settled for that--for a long time)

It doesnโ€™t matter how old you are, what your experience is, how healthy you are in this moment, or what your current pant size is. TODAY is the day where you draw the line in the sand and CHOOSE to ban dieting forever, and be FREE so you can be present for the important people in your life, honor your body, and feel confident in the skin you're in.

I talked to so many incredible women last week, who drew their line in the sand. I am beyond thrilled to lock arms with them and guide them as they learn to eat in a way that is unique to them, WITHOUT quick fixes, pills, starvation cleanses, negative self talk or bullshit..

I've opened up a few more slots open in my calendar this week, and I invite you to book one. There is no better time than right NOW! <3

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