Aghhhh. This is so much easier said than done!! In a world of social media and internet, we are constantly bombarded with messages about “not being good enough.”


Not healthy enough, happy enough, organized enough.

Not attractive enough, not worthy enough.

Not thin enough, successful enough

Not young enough, not fun enough.


Where YOU are right NOW.

Not where you were 20 years ago, not where the lingerie model is, not your coworker is, your sister, or that random girl you keep seeing on your IG feed.


This is about honoring and celebrating where you are, RIGHT NOW, creating a vision for where you want to be, and layering in the steps necessary to begin to fill that gap. 

August mentor-ships filled up fast, but we're enrolling for September!  I mentor a limited number of women each month through my signature program, Nourished Life.  AMAZING things are happening!!  Here's a glimpse:


"Prior to making the commitment to the program, I was nervous that I would fail..and that failing would cost money. This program is such a refreshing blend of nutrition coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, and female empowerment seminar. My Type I diabetes is under control, all my lab results have gone from good to ridiculously good, my energy, self-confidence and self-talk have all improved.  And I am down 9+ pounds! " -VG
"I’ve always been hesitant to do anything for myself, let alone open up and look at things I could change/fix. This program had so many personal touches and was designed specifically for me.   I am down 10+ pounds, have more energy, am more motivated to try new things and have so much more patience with my kids.  (most of the time!  ;)" -MC

"Sarah changed my mind regarding food, forever.  She has truly changed me and pointed me in the RIGHT direction!!  I am so tuned into how my body FEELS when I eat.  It's so easy now to pass on the garbage!  I don't have to ponder or think.. my mind automatically says no." -CP  


Space each month is limited--Here with open arms to support you when you’re ready ❤️👉🏼📧