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Trust Your Inner Guide

For the last couple of years, I have created a vision board. It is like a goal board—everything that you are setting out to accomplish in different areas of your life throughout the year.

I completed my 2018 board, including goals for our family, our marriage, our home, my business and my health. I included a weight loss goal. I hit print.


For a moment I reflected, realizing that the weight loss goal wasn’t in alignment with other goals for this year. I went to grab my copy off of the printer to toss into the recycling.

It didn’t print.  

So, I went on the edit my vision board, removing the weight loss goal, and replacing it with “practice self love, honor body,” and hit print.

It printed.


As you embark on your journey this year, be open to the messages guiding you throughout your day.  Be kind to yourself, lead with an open heart, and trust you are being led on your path for PURPOSE. 

A New Year Blessing;

May this year be significant in your journey 🦋

May you find simple joys 💫

May you release judgement and find curiosity ✌🏼

May you embrace self love ❤️

May you find something that your heart desires ✨

May you give and receive abundantly 💞

May you bask in Mother Nature's glory🌞

May you find gratitude in moments 🙏🏼

May the journey to the destination provide growth 🛤

May you love 💓

May you be loved 💕

May you trust that you are being guided on your path 🗺

May you find courage to face obstacles 🔮

May you and the people you love be blessed 👥


If you you interested in locking arms with a small group of women through my Holistic Heath Practice who are committed to practicing self love and honoring their bodies this year, please be in touch.  With the right focus, you can achieve anything! 

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