food is controlling me

How to Find Balance and Gain Control Over Food

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I've loved my body through deprivation, and hated it through indulgence.  (anyone else ever binge eat cookies the week of Christmas and then deprive yourself the first week of January?) 

This was one of the many...I’ve done them all!

Binging then starving.

Saving up and then binging 🍕🌯🍦

Diet pills.

Meal replacements.

Low carb.


Cabbage soup.

Point counting.

Calorie counting.

Portion counting.

Over exercising.

Drinking my calories 🍺.

As someone very involved in the group ex and fitness sector for the last 10+ years, I was someone who admittedly taught and practiced the diet approach for many years. It came down to calories in + calories out.

But here’s the thing.  If it worked, everyone would be in here ideal pant size, beaming with energy, feeling confident in their skin, and we would all be freed from this obsession regarding “what to eat and what not to eat.”

Here’s what I’ve learned: it’s MORE than just diet and exercise.

There is MORE.


YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE than a freaking calorie expenditure!


And when you’re tapped into what that how that FEELS, you begin to make choices that HONOR the true miracle that you are. ❤️

You are the only you that will ever be born—and you only get one shot at this. 

Want to live your life obsessing about what you did or didn't eat, hating your body, skipping the pool and dodging the camera ? 

Or, free to enjoy ice cream with your kids, to eat and drink at the BBQ,  to enjoy a date night followed by dessert--WITHOUT JUDGEMENT OR GUILT!?


 You have the power to release judgement and shift to PROGRESS vs streamlined perfection. 👊🏼


Allow yourself be okay with not doing it alone!!  (As someone who likes to figure out everything on my own, TRUST ME, I know how hard this is).

If you’re sick of obsessing, like you've tried everything...if what's always worked is no longer working or you know that deep down if you don’t get a handle on this you’re going to miss out on the next great thing in your LIFE...


I’m opening up my schedule next week for complimentary sessions!!  

These are on a first come, first serve basis, and will fill up fast!  #bettertogether