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Easy Foods to Stock up on Leading Up to & Post Baby 🤰🏻👶🏼 (or when life gets crazy)


We're expecting a baby any day now, and I told my hubs Chris last night that I was going on our last big grocery shopping trip to stock up on the essentials.  {like I have control on when this babe will come of something, ha!}  

If you're wondering if I did this same type of planning and preparing 5 years ago when we were expecting Ziggy that answer is a big-fat-no.  I did a lot of winging it back then, in every sense of the word, and stocking our freezer or planning for postpartum nutrition was NOT the first thing on my radar.  I mean, I don’t think it was on my radar at all.

I've learned a lot since then--one big, KEY lesson is how something seemingly insignificant (the food I put into my body) impacts my mood, my energy, my sleep, my patience, and generally how I operate on the day to day.  I've also learned that a little planning or prep can save me lots of time and headaches when life gets cray (because it all the time).

So, whether you're about to have a baby....or are just living your life waiting for a day to throw you a curve ball (cause it will), the resources I've pulled together are going to be super valuable!  

Check out my most recent grocery haul with #easybutton essentials:

And be sure to check out the Stock the Freezer Guide, free downloads, and more, HERE .

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P.S. ~ Here's what our members are cooking up this week! If you want in, sign up here by this Wednesday (March 6th):

 --Chocolate for breakfast (yes, for real)
--An easy twist on an old Mediterranean fave 
--Veggie noodles + curry oh my!
--A loaded baked potato that will not disappoint 
--And a protein packed eggplant dish that everyone will love

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Freezer Stash Meals + Free Downloads!

Soaking up the days (weeks?!) with this stud before baby comes. Also sneaking in one last date night with Chris tonight! 😍


We’re in that weird place where baby could come tomorrow 😳 or in like 3 weeks 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Let the waiting game begin! 👶🏼

Our freezer is stocked —The response around creating a resource that included my freezer stash plan, with recipes and a grocery list was an overwhelming YES! 🙌🏻

These recipes are simple, packed with flavor and nutrients, and are going to simplify our lives as we welcome the new babe. I know they will simplify your world, too!! I’m excited to share them with you. 🥳 Check them out here.

We’ve also updated the site with tons of amazing resources, free downloads, one week meal plans and other goodies. Some only offered for a limited time! Head over and see what inspires you 😍

I would love to know…what did you do in the days/weeks leading up to baby?

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Freezer Stash Meals

We stopped at target 🎯 before this grocery run and Ziggy asked “why are we buying so many things?”

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“Because I’m nesting” 😂🐣

The struggle is so real 🤣🤣

Doing some major batch cooking over the next week or two!! Stockpiling the freezer to make eating as well as possible EASY those first few weeks of healing & transitioning to a family of 4. (👪+👶🏼 omgeeee!)

The response around creating a resource that included my freezer stash plan, with recipes & a grocery list for each was an overwhelming YES! So, here it is!

Questions? Reach out to me directly!!

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