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How to Adopt A Journaling Practice

It’s taken me a while to get into a solid journaling practice. It’s something that is a continual work in progress, and a something that I recommend my clients adopt as a daily discipline. 📝

I've tried everything, from a single sheet of paper, to basic spiral notebooks, to fancy little notebooks with motivational quotes.  I've finally found a system that works for me, and am excited to share it with you!  

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The One-Line-A-Day is a 5 year journal that leaves just enough space to jot a sentence or two about the day. 

I started one the day Ziggy was born, and continue to jot a quick note, memory or milestone in each day.  It is hard to believe we are already nearing the end of year 4 in this 5 year journal!  






More recently, I discovered The Five Minute Journal.  This beautiful hard back book has space and prompts for reflecting morning and night, in about 5 minutes each day.  Each day begins with a quote to set the tone for the day, and has space to write out gratitude, affirmations, and asks what would make today great. 

The end of day prompts ask you to relfect on 3 amazing things that happened throughout the day, as well as one thing that would have made today even better.  I love this practice because it is simple, helps me to focus attention, and stay focused on the positive!  


Setting aside time to write, even 1-2 sentences a day, strengthens our self discipline. Like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets!

Habits formed in one area of life have a tendency to spread...

Reflecting on something positive daily 👉🏼

happier you 👉🏼

motivation to take better care of yourself 👉🏼

positively impacts relationships...

Because how we do one thing is how we do everything!


Here are some fun facts about it:

📝 Journaling brings us to a state of mindfulness. There is a strong connection between happiness and mindfulness!

📝 Journaling helps us to achieve goals. When we put pen to paper, it signals to our brain “this is important!” 

📝 Journaling about a positive experience allows our brain to relive it, reaffirming your abilities when self doubt creeps in. Still not sure where to begin??

As you work to incorporate new habits and rituals into your life, remember the importance of layering it in. Patience and consistency are crucial in forming new habits! Pick up a piece of paper, and just START where you are . <3 


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xo sarah