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How to Get Your Kid to Eat Healthy Food

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🍏How to get your kid to eat healthy food🍏

Give them choices that involve only healthy choices. They'll think they're winning πŸ˜‰

Don't force them to eat anything. Encourage them to taste and celebrate their willingness to try! πŸŽŠ

Eat healthy food. Yup, you! They learn by what they see, not by what we teach. Be a good role model now, while they still think we're cool. πŸ˜Ž

Choose your battles. They'll eat nothing but bananas for 48 hours? They'll survive. Think back to what you lived on back in college. πŸ˜³πŸ»




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Lessons from a 4 Year Old

Aghhh this sweet child of mine. πŸ˜

We learned we were expecting him just about 5 1/2 years ago. We weren't ready, and I cried. A lot.

Well you know how they say that there’s a positive intention in everything?

He's taught me that my body is powerful, resilient and strong. He's retaught me that the simple things are the most special; the sunshine, new experiences, and that laughter is the best medicine. πŸŒž

He reminds me to be fearless, the true meaning of patience, and the power of a good nights sleep. πŸŒœ

And, a consistent reminder that it’s reallyyyyyy easy to put yourself on the back-burner when you are focusing on the people that you love. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§

We want to bring our A game -- to be alive and engaged, which means it's easy to put yourself last. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

But I’ve learned something really important...

I can't bring my A game when I’m depleted, exhausted, overworked, over committed, and consistently putting my needs last. πŸš«

When I do, he ends up cheated. He doesn’t get the best version of me, he gets a worn down, depleted, cranky, walking dead version of me. πŸ’€

And if Ziggy gets that, we all know what Chris gets πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ

When I’m trying to be everything to everybody, do all the things, wear all the hats, be everywhere all the time... all while thinking I’m bringing my A game, but instead am bringing my B, or C or D game.

He’s taught me to be honest about what I want, what I need, what deserve, and how to re-prioritize and HONOR what is most important.

Who knew someone under 4 feet tall could teach someone this much!?

It’s pretty wild. If I knew what a positive impact this little person was going to have on my life, I wouldn't have cried so much. β€οΈ 

What have your children taught you?