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When will I receive my first meal plan?

Access to your first meal plan is available immediately upon enrollment, here on the Getting Started Membership page.  Yay! 

How do I access the meal plans?

 >>  Weekly plans are updated to your membership hub each week by 5pm EST.  Don't worry, we'll send out an email reminder, too!  Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox!                                                                

>> While you'll have access to each plan that you;ve paid for during your active membership, we recommend downloading your plans each week! 

>>  Because life happens, weekly emails also include a unique weekly password to access meal plan archives (AKA every plan you've ever paid for!) Meal Plan Archives are available only with an active membership.

What is included?

—1 batch cook breakfast recipe

—1 batch cook lunch recipe

—3 dinner recipes

—Grocery list

—Pantry staple list 

—Simple meal prep tips to keep you in ACTION! 

—The video archive library, filled with food prep tips, cooking & shopping hacks, preservation and more

Why aren't there enough recipes for 3 meals per day, 7 days per week?

Because many of them would go to waste!  We generally tend to bite off more than we can chew (figuratively and literally, ha!)  Plus, not every {one} body thrives from a 100% plant-based diet.  This is about beginning to layer in some more plant-centered meals,  all while keeping you out of overwhelm and into action!  

What kind of recipes can I expect?  

100% of the recipes included in the Series are plant-centered and gluten free.  While not all bodies thrive from a 100% plant-centric diet, ALL bodies benefit from incorporating MORE plants, and fewer processed carbohydrates!  This is an awesome way to incorporate more veggies into your diet, try new foods, and improve your health, energy and vitality.  If you are looking for bland, tasteless meals, this will NOT be your jam.  

Are the meal plans a diet?

Nope!  Our meal plans focus nutrient density and quality of ingredients. This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle.

What kind of results can I expect? 

Aghhhh where do we begin?!  It is not uncommon for people to experience any combination of the following by incorporating more plant based foods into their diet:

Physically >>  Lost weight/inches, lowered blood pressure, lowered blood sugar, lowered cholesterol, balanced hormones, healthier hair & nails, healthier skin, lessened joint pain,  regulated bowels

Mentally>>  Eliminated brain fog, increased energy, clearer thinking, overall sense of happiness, regained sense of control, reduced anxiety/depression 

Another huge perk?  You'll likely find you are saving money by eating more meals at home, having a plan, incorporating more plant-based proteins, and have an overall lower grocery bill! 

What is the cost and how am I billed?  

In exchange for colorful, nutrient dense meal plans, grocery lists, kitchen staples, simple meal prep tips and video hacks delivered to your inbox weekly, the card you have on file will be charged $25 every 30 days.

Does medical insurance cover the cost?

Our plant-centered meal plans are a qualifying medical expense!!!

That means that Health Savings (HSA) and Flex Spending (FSA) will cover this small monthly investment in YOUR HEALTH. The Veg Out Meal Plans qualify for wellness reimbursement from employers, too. Pretty amazing, right?!

The health care system in the US isn't {quite} in the place where we are seeing nutrition & lifestyle as preventative health, BUT we are taking steps in the right direction!!

Can I share the plans?

>>  We put a tremendous amount of work into hand crafting our meal plans each week. Sharing them is dishonest. Please do not share your login information (or the recipes in them) with people who aren't paying for them.

>>  Please DO share the food that you prepare from the meal plans!!  If someone loves it and asks for the recipe, send them to our website where they can request a free sample meal plan and sign up for their own subscription. 

What if there is someone who I think would love this subscription program, too?

For every one person you refer to the The Veg Out Meal Plan Series, you get one week FREE!  It's like giving the gift of health to both yourself and people you care about--and I mean seriously, what is better than that?!  

What if I decide the Series is not for me?

You can manage your account 24/7 at  You will have access to the membership page through the end of the current subscription cycle (ie you'll get what you've paid for! ).  Note that refunds are not given.  

What if I have questions?

For questions, or to make changes to your account, email support   We will be in touch with you directly within 24 hours M-F!