21 Day Fix: A Game Changer

In March 2015, I was introduced to a workout program that most literally changed my life.  It changed the way that I thought about food and about working out.  It helped me to really put the meaning of CONSISTENCY into perspective.  And, it was the program that transformed my post baby body in a way that I didn't think was possible.

Meet the 21 Day Fix.

The program is simple.  It incorporates daily, 30 minute workouts, combines it with portion controlled clean eating, and delivers real results.  What I love most is that anyone can do it--there is a modifier in each video, and the program can really grow with anyone as they become leaner, stronger, and as they increase their cardiovascular strength.  

The meal plan is color coded and simple.  You calculate how many of each container you have each day, based your current weight.  If you want to lose, you calculate a deficit.  If you want to maintain,  you follow the maintenance bracket.  The program includes a nutrition guide containing recipes, tips and a suggested food list. These are all foods that you already eat, which makes it really easy to plan meals around your portions.  The containers end up really becoming staples to your kitchen as measuring tools.  It is not a diet, but a very realistic way to transition to a healthy lifestyle!

I am a vegetarian, and the meal plan easily translated for my dietary needs.  Here's an example of a weekly meal plan:

So, who is this program a good fit for?

People who:

→ Struggle with what to eat and/or how much to eat      

→Like to enjoy life without feeling deprived (ie wine and chocolate!)

→Are tight on time (um hello, 30 minute workouts)     

→Are at any level of fitness, from beginner to pro

→Are willing to commit to 3 short weeks of the program for guaranteed progress

Check out the entire 21 Day Fix Program here. If you are interested in learning more about finding a program to help you meet your goals, please contact me directly!  We offer monthly support and accountability groups, full of resources, support and ideas as your begin your journey, so you are never in it alone!