A little back story...

I knew from the time that I was very young that I wanted to teach.  

I graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and Family Studies, and went on to earn my Master’s degree in Education from Carlow University.  I began teaching in Charter schools throughout the city of Pittsburgh, and ultimately found my way into the virtual classroom with one of the largest cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania.  

In the midst of my education and years in the classroom, I began learning more about where our food comes from, adopted a lifestyle change, and honestly just became obsessed with learning all that I could.  I began with food, movement followed soon after, where I added my Pilates mat certification and began teaching in the evenings.  I became involved in the local food scene in Pittsburgh, which inspired the topic for my graduate thesis; Farm To School Programs.

Through those years, I talked about going back to school for nutrition, dietetics, or becoming certified in nutritional therapy. It was that thing that I loved.  That thing that I read and watch documentaries about for fun. You know, that THING! I never went for it because I felt that it was a waste after I had already invested in my education degrees. I had become complacent and decided that, well, I'm a teacher, this is just what I do. 

Then, in March 2014, our son Ziggy was born, and my perspective on the world changed.  Time no longer stood still as he grew.  As we watched him observe the world, the little things suddenly weren’t so little any more.  He was a constant reminder of what was really important, and that my time was invaluable.  His eagerness to explore the world, his passion and joy for every moment inspired me. 

So, in 2015, I was presented with an opportunity to begin building an online health coaching business in the background while teaching.   I began working with men & women in small groups to discover how to transform their bodies... I help people who are stressed out, busy, and sick and tired of being sick and tired.  This opportunity not only gave me the means to leave teaching, but affirmed that, YES, this is the gift I am meant to give the world.

While many transform in the group environment, there are some who will only THRIVE with 1:1, individualized support.  So, I began training to become a certified Holistic Health Coach!

I continue to offer online group fitness + nutrition coaching, as well as customized meal planning packages, workshops, cleanses, and 1:1 health coaching, with a holistic approach.  My 90 day intensive  program is designed for people who are ready to uncover what’s been stopping them, slowing them down, or keeping them from having the body- and the health- they want and deserve! 


Here's what I've learned:  There is NOT one cookie cutter approach.  Your one {body} is unique and powerful and strong, and what it needs is different than what I need.  There are as many “diets” and programs as there are people on the planet!  <3