..to this crazy amazing adventure!  


I am super excited to have you as a part of our growing team of coaches.  I am here as your mentor and coach, to help you to meet your goals--BIG AND SMALL. 

Here are some things that you'll want to do as soon you get started.  Complete the tasks outlined below.  Find a printable checklist here.

Coach Online Office  

  • Watch this training video and then explore your Coach Online Office (COO)  www.teambeachbody.com

  • Download the 7 Day QuickStart to help guide you through your COO

  • Write down your Coach ID number.  I suggest plugging it into the notes section of your phone; you will use it often.

  • Set up your webpage with pictures/bio

  • Set up your direct deposit: Coach > coach online office > my business > my EFT management

National Wake Up Calls

  • Download Beachbody Podcast using your podcast app on your phone.  Begin listening to new and old National Wake Up calls in the car/while you’re in the shower/getting ready.  You can listen to these live on Mondays at 11am EST, or listen to the recordings via the podcast.  These are calls hosted by coaches who share tips for success!  

Social Media

  • Brainstorm 5 things you will focus your Social Media posts about daily.  TODAY, begin by posting at least once per day, either in the morning or evening.   

Get to Know our Team and Upline  

  • Request to join our team pages on Facebook, Team Superfly (that's us!) and The Good Vibe Tribe (Ashly Locklin)  Connect with people who are on these teams!  I will formally welcome you to each page once you request to join! 

Communication & Direct Links 

→Create a document in your Google Drive that will begin to evolve with your direct links.  Use the link converter here and keep an ongoing list.  Always send a customer a link to set up a free account with you as their coach, and then their product links.  

→Save this folder of communication resources to your Google Drive.  Here, you will find program information, email templates, Shakeology, BOD info and more.  


Action Items


Here's to new, amazing beginnings!

xo sarah