Love Your Body Now, Without Deprivation! 


You are in the right place if:


 You are holding off on buying new clothes because you are waiting to fit back into your smaller ones.

 Constant worries about your body cause enough stress that you avoid doing certain activities and may even be sabotaging your attempts to get (or stay) pregnant

 You are always obsessing over what you did or didn’t eat.  So much so that you can’t really enjoy an ice cream date with your kids, a BBQ with family, or a night out with your friends.

 Fears that your body is changing for the worse consume your time and you are so ready to just feel good again


I hear you sister, I hear you!


I spent my entire life judging & comparing my body to others, obsessing about food and never feeling like my body was “good enough.”

I was constantly thinking about what I did or didn’t eat, what I was “allowed” and “not allowed” to have.

My pant size was never small enough, I was never happy with the scale, and I was constantly checking my reflection to make sure clothes weren’t pinching to “make me look bigger than I already was”.


Gah I’m exhausted just talking about it.


It took peering back at the reflection of my postpartum body after 2 back to back pregnancy losses for me to realize that in order to truly heal and move forward I had to learn to embrace, love, and celebrate my body NOW, in this moment.

Because if I was honest in reflecting, attaining that size 4 wasn’t going to heal shiz 💩


It’s been quite the journey.  


Now Imagine …



 Walking into a store and buying clothes that feel good on your NOW body, regardless of the number on the tag.

Eating pizza….or ice cream….or wine, WITHOUT guilt and still feeling, happy and proud of yourself.

Putting yourself back in front of the camera,  and feeling good enough about yourself again so you can be PRESENT in your life!

Stepping on the scale and not allowing the number to dictate your mood.


I did it.  And you can, too.


You CAN love your body and all it does for you AND want to make changes that will make you feel even better, be leaner, stronger & healthier!  You CAN be fully nourished.

INTRODUCING, Nourished Life



This program is designed to take the confusion about what to eat, provide a platform for mindful patterns around your health and create a foundation for long-term, sustainable lifestyle change. No more quick fixes, starvation cleanses, negative self-talk or bullshit.

Just real food, the real system, tools and support you need to approach your health (and your BODY) from a place of self-love.  From this place, making food and lifestyle choices that serve you become easy!


Together we will:


 Lean in and listen to what your body is telling you it needs right now, in THIS season of your life - eat and LIVE without obsessing!

 Break free from GUILT around food without giving up pizza ... or bread ... or wine...   and still feel, happy and proud of yourself.

Clear the mental clutter and BS stories you tell yourself to create space for things that are more important than your pant size.

 Quit worrying! Quit comparing your body to others! And quit feeling like you are never good enough! Feel confident that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  

Say YES to yourself and begin to love your body NOW: