You have completed the New Coach Academy!!  You now have the backbone of knowledge that you need in order to be successful.  Now, let's keep the momentum going (I like to call this the Big Mo!)



→ Decide whether you would like to co-host your first challenge group with me, or offer your own.   You are welcome to invite to my groups up to 3 months.  After that, I let you FLY!  Access our team's Challenge Group resources here.  

→ Begin inviting!  Access conversation outlines/info I send to interested participants here.    

Access this month's upcoming events & activities in the FILES tab on the Superfly team page.  This is updated monthly!  

Social Media 

→ Be sure to begin a method to TRACK everything you do related with your business! Also create handwritten list, calendar, excel doc, Google Drive, Streak...whatever the method to your madness for your contact list!  

→ Begin starting conversations with 2-3 new people EACH DAY via social media outlets, email, phone, text, or in person.  These DO NOT have to be Beachbody related convos.  Your conversation will eventually lead to "what you are doing" or "what you've been up to," and this is your opportunity to tell people more, or extend an invitation.

→ Begin adding 3-6 new friends to your social media network EACH DAY.  Send a quick message to connect once they accept your request.  

→ Post 2-4 times per day!!  Remember to stay focused on your target themes that you brainstormed in your New Coach Academy.

→ Be mindful of the time of the DAY--who is your target audience?  SAHMs?  Working parents?  Men? Women?  College students?  Early risers?  Night owls? 

Personal Development 

→Begin reading/listening to personal development at least 15-20 minutes per day, and make this a priority!  If you have not yet received a book from me, I promise it is on its way!  Access a list of other recommendations, as well as FREE audio, here.

Direct Links 

→If you have not already, create a document that will begin to evolve with your direct links.  Use the link converter here and keep an ongoing list.  Always send a customer a link to set up a free account with you as their coach, and then their product links.  

Setting Up Free Accounts 

→Check out these 2 amazing coaching resources, and create free accounts:

    →PicMonkey→For creating images

      →Watch the tutorial here.

    Hootsuite→For scheduling posts in challenge groups

       →Watch the tutorial here.

  My Challenge Tracker Coach Portal  →For running challenge groups.  Use your email and BB                                                                                                                          password to login.


Vital Behaviors 

Remember that it is easy to over-complicate this business!  Don't let it!  It all comes down to CONSISTENTLY completing the Vital Behaviors: 

Mentor Call

→I would like to set up a mentor call with you to answer questions, discuss your plan of action for your first challenge group, and be sure you are getting started off right!  Please complete the form below and let me know a day that works well with your schedule.  

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