Client Love


Before beginning, I was most nervous about actually making the commitment to myself.  I am most proud of trying a new way if thinking about health and weight loss, bringing my thoughts and beliefs about my life, my health into the forefront.  I was always so uplifted emotionally by the phone & video chats .... it's amazing how affirmations can positively change ones thought patterns. My attitude toward myself and my health has transformed!

-Deb M., Pittsburgh, PA

"I’ve always been hesitant to do anything for myself, let alone open up and look at things I could change/fix. This program had so many personal touches and was designed specifically for me. I felt so important and like anything was possible, one step at a time!! I am down 10+ pounds, have more energy, am more motivated to try new things and have so much more patience with my kids. (most of the time! ;) Sarah was so motivating and positive every step of the way!!"

-Melissa C., Pittsburgh, PA


"I experienced many powerful shifts over the course of the program. After years of struggling with diets, cleanses and shakes, I feel I have tools for eating, cool recipes, and tuning into my body, allowing me to release judgement and guilt around food.

I’ve learned to identify and honor the most important things, and let other things go. My mindset, self acceptance, finding the positives and learning to love this life are among my huge take aways with Sarah. Before I started, I was most nervous about sticking with it. I am glad I did!"

-Shannon B., Pittsburgh, PA

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"This program helped me to analyze my eating I really hungry or do I want food to satisfy an emotional feeling that, I knew, eating food would not help. My two worst habits are emotional eating and craving sugar. This program helped me begin to get control of both of these. It isn't easy but it is worth it to have a healthier body.

Journaling how I was feeling helped too. Because Sarah planned the program so well and gave me printable copies of everything I needed and recipes that did not take much time but tasted amazing! Thank you, Sarah, for offering this program and your support every step of the way!!"

-Patricia M., Pittsburgh, PA

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"Sarah changed my mind regarding food, forever. She has truly changed me and pointed me in the RIGHT direction!! I am so tuned into how my body FEELS when I eat. It's so easy now to pass on the garbage! I don't have to ponder or think.. my mind automatically says no."-Cara P., Rifle, CO


"Before beginning, I feared failing again.  

This program helped me open my eyes to the fact I was sabotaging myself and not honoring and loving myself, which has been the hardest thing for me to do.

Sarah made me feel comfortable about expressing how I felt about myself and verbalize to her and myself what was holding me back from losing weight.I feel much healthier, have more energy, my blood sugar has been going down.

 I have gained more energy, am making time for exercise, am using techniques to keep me into action and feeling so much better about myself.  I am incorporating more plant based food and a focusing on a balanced plate.

This journey has been an eye opener for me. Sarah motivated me to care about myself and my health. I can't thank her enough for her guidance!!!  I owe it to myself to take care of me first--I make myself a priority now."


-Patricia W., Pittsburgh, PA


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"I had been realizing that I needed and wanted to make some changes in my lifestyle. I had fallen into habits of self-neglect, especially in terms of thoughtful and nutritious meal planning. I know that, to make a significant change of any type, it's hard to go it alone.

I am filled with appreciation for Sarah and for her consistent and loving guidance. It was also of great value to have this experience in a communal forum. The group's camaraderie greatly enhanced the experience, allowing us to share our challenges, learnings, inspirations and celebrations with one another.

I have re-discovered the good feeling that comes from truly caring about my well-being, by making self-care a consistent and joyful priority. I am well on my way."

Jan K., Pittsburgh, PA



"Prior to starting the program, I was nervous that my age would be a hindrance at 70; old dog, new tricks! ;) Being able to talk with Sarah during each session helped be immensely, giving me workable strategies for coping with a very hectic and stressful life as caretaker to my young grandson. I have adopted a daily meditation and journaling practice, shifted my focus to gratitude, and am working on letting go of situations that are out of my control.

I was someone who was on the brink of despair, who now sees the joy in life again. I am so grateful for Sarah--she has a unique gift, and the work is better because she shares it with others!"

-Virginia V., Pittsburgh, PA

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"I've never considered myself an un-healthy eater, but I think we all have patterns that revolve around food, some of them healthy and some of them definitely not. This program allowed me to refocus my thoughts about food and how to best fuel my body.

I am doing less stress/boredom eating, and if I do, I am able to choose more nutritious, high-energy foods that make me feel better afterwards instead of worse. I stopped using my hectic work schedule and social life as an excuse to put my health on the backburner.

Overall, I feel happier at work and am in a much better mood. I am sleeping much better, and feeding myself properly has flowed over into me taking care of myself more holistically- body, mind, and spirit. The support and accountability that this group of women offered was really special. And of course, Sarah is always there to answer any questions and provide support! She is in it for the long haul --no quick fixes here!"

Abby I., Pittsburgh, PA

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"In just six weeks, my blood pressure dropped from being in the "high" category to just being slightly elevated. It was so amazing to celebrate this victory with my doctor at my last check up and our hope is that the changes I've made will eventually mean I can go off high blood pressure medication!

I finally feel in control. I am acutely aware of the decisions that I make with regard to my nutrition and my body -- no longer do my choices send me into the cycle of guilt that eventually results in giving up on myself. Let it go. Move forward.

In this program, you are not alone. The level of knowledge and trust that Sarah brings is, without a doubt, the most important part of this journey. Not only is she knowledgeable and authentic, she is also funny, honest, real, and trustworthy.

This is not for someone who wants "microwave results." This is a "slow cooker" program that's more about the sum of a lot of small changes then a quick fix that can't be sustained!"

Sarah T., Pittsburgh, PA


"I loved the way you can basically eat good foods also I like how the program was laid out & easy to follow. This program basically gave me the tools to teach myself to eat again. I have released guilt and judgement with food, identified high energy foods for my body, and feel so much better in body in mind. I feel in control and overall happier!"

-Christine A., Reseda, CA

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"When I first committed to the program, I was afraid that I would fail, not stick to it, or lie to myself and Sarah. I found that the 1:1 sessions, sharing my successes, and writing out my goals, with each step to get there was what I needed to follow through!

I regained control over my food choices, have more respect for the foods I choose and the power they hold (good or not) and have learned that I'm stronger than I think I am. My focus and mood have improved, and I have let go of the mindless eating and sugar pick-me-ups mid afternoon! I’m incorporating more plant based meals, and am planning and prepping each week! These are changes that move me forward in my health journey. I'll be teaching my son about better options than microwave food, and teaching him how to prepare it as well!"

Katie H., Pittsburgh, PA


"Prior to making the commitment to the program, I was nervous that I would fail..and that failing would cost money. This program is such a refreshing blend of nutrition coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, and female empowerment seminar. It's like nothing I have ever tried and I'm SO grateful for the changes it has ushered into my life. My Type I diabetes is under control, all my lab results have gone from good to ridiculously good, my energy, self-confidence and self-talk have all improved. And I am down 9+ pounds!

Sarah is genuine, supportive, and incisive. Working with her is like working with a really wise, encouraging friend."

-Violeta G., Pittsburgh, PA

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"When I met Sarah, I was at a low point in my life. I was focused on my body changing, not fitting into my jeans & was just too tired to do anything about it! I just didn't feel good & was very stressed about turning 60. I was also really fearful about the damage that 40 yrs of smoking had impacted my overall health. Sarah’s support & guidance helped me to clear out the cob webs that blocked & clouded my vision over the years.

Her insight helped me to open doors & windows to allow the sun & fresh air in! I was so focused on one thing and she saw the big picture. My focus of doom became hopeful! She taught me how to overcome stress by motivating me to take control; Sarah offered me solutions to keep focused on being positive, and made me aware of the importance of healthy habits , breathing, looking forward to embracing the future!!! Thank you for helping me to put my health, outlook on my self & life into focus.

I love looking at that big picture!

Donna S., Monongahela, PA





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"My experience with Sarah was transformative. When I first signed up for the coaching I figured it would be lots of meal planning, nutrition and exercise, but it was some of that and so much more. The program inspired positive lifestyle changes that feed my ultimate goal, which is to be more present and an active participant in my life.

I didn't just lose weight--I changed all areas of my life. Sarah helped me find the power within myself to make changes in the body, mind and spirit. I am grateful and so glad I chose to show up for myself!"

Jen E., Perrysburg, OH


"For as long as I can remember, have always struggled with my weight, self confidence, and self esteem. I have tried just about every diet known to man. After having our kids I had gained a considerable amount of weight so I did what I always did to tried to pull the weight off by starting on a diet.

When I met Sarah I had lost 30 pounds on my own over the course of a year but I was sitting at a weight I could never seem to get below. I even joked with my sister and would say "I'm just meant to be chubby!"

Sarah educated me, sent me recipes, encouraged and motivated me! As hopeful as I was starting this new lifestyle, I was still skeptical! I always thought I was making "sacrifices" when I went on a diet.

After just one week of Sarah guiding me, I learned that the food I put in my body means nothing if it has nothing nutritionally valuable. I was never hungry, I felt amazing. I had energy and drive that I haven't possessed before. In one week, I smashed through that plateau and had lost 3 pounds putting me at a weight I had not seen on the scale since before having my FIRST child!

And, my doctor is going to take me off my cholesterol medicine for 3 months and see if I can stay off of it for good!!! She was very impressed with my progress!! She said to keep up the good work and stay motivated! I am so incredibly thankful for Sarah and the knowledge she openly shares!!! Truly life changing!!"

Lacey T., Bossier City, LA






"Working with Sarah during the program left me feeling focused, energetic and optimistic about weight loss. The program helped me to break the cycle of emotional eating, reduce cravings, improve focus and digestion, and gave me an overall happier demeanor! I found Sarah’s expertise, support and time allotted for preparation were key in my success. I feel confident that I have the tools that I need to sustain the way that I feel now, for the long term.

This is just the beginning!"

Klara D., Tucson, AZ



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"Prior to the program, I was struggling with planning and making consistent choices, no matter what kind of stress was going on in my life. I went back and forth, but realized that there was no better time than now, so I decided to stop putting myself aside and commit! This program helped me to identify what some of my triggers are, as well as which foods are best for my body. I have adopted healthier habits, resulting in improved focus, energy and weight loss. I have also identified new ways to manage stress, and am regularly meal planning for my family.

I feel light, energetic, and healthy!"

Casey S., Pittsburgh, PA




"When I met Sarah, I was going through personal issues and not happy with my body. I used to be 120 pounds and loved my body to 150 pounds. I wore so many layers to cover myself; hiding from the mirrors, especially after having my precious daughter.

Sarah taught me so much about the daily things I was eating and putting into my body. She definitely let me know this was going to be a challenge but I knew I needed to do this for myself. I needed to feel comfortable in my body again and I haven't been for years. I've learned so much which was overwhelming at first, but now it's easy. It's not a diet but a lifestyle change.

Sarah helped me to make changes I needed for myself to make my relationships better with myself and my husband. I feel confident in less clothing and going to the pool was AMAZING! And OMG and the feeling of your shorts falling off your body that used to be too tight!!

Sarah will answer any questions even if you think it's silly or dumb. She will walk you through it and not discourage you when you eat a cupcake. She can give you ideas about recipes that work for you. She's an amazing coach that I turn to often, if I need help with my menu or personal issues. I only wish I could of met you sooner!"

Courtnie G., Kettering, OH

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"I have started so many programs and never finished them; I was worried that it would be just another failure.  Completing this program helped me to realize that I can reach my goals, that I am capable of accomplishing whatever I put my mind to.  

My work with Sarah lead me to lose my old binge eating patterns, gave me the tools to meal plan, manage portions and incorporate movement regularly.  As a result, my marriage has strengthened, I lost a total of 50 pounds, and my overall health has improved. I proved to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to with the proper support!"

-Sarra E., Calgary, AB



I think it's important to understand where we all started...

Until a few years ago, I would let one “bad” choice lead to another...and the another. It was like the never ending cycle of judgement, kind of like this:

Eats a donut at work 👉🏼 says, well eff it, I just screwed up today 👉🏼 eats candy off friends desk 👉🏼 leaves packed lunch in fridge and grabs take out 👉🏼 eats cookie in the afternoon 👉🏼 gahhhhh I feel like 💩 👉🏼 goes home 👉🏼skips workout 👉🏼 has wine and an entire bag of skinny pop instead of dinner.

This cycle would continue sometimes for days, other times for weeks. It was the “being good or being bad” syndrome. It sucked 🤣

So now if I choose to have the donut I realize this a CHOICE, in which I am in control over..just like every other decision I make throughout my day. I approach it without judgement, but instead with curiosity.  This is what I help my clients to do, and I want to help you, too!!

What I've learned through through this time, and in my own personal health journey, is that there are as many “diets” as there are people on the planet. 

Do I have it all figured out? Nope. I am still learning, still listening to my body every day. And, compelled & driven to help others learn how to listen to theirs.  What you learn about YOUR body and YOUR habits during our time together will change your life! 

If you feel stuck, like you've tried everything...if you're sick of obsessing about food...if you're ready to love the reflection peering back at you and are ready to begin your journey to true food freedom...

Set up your Discovery Session to help you to identify what is holding you back from truly loving the skin you're in... ❤️