Yogurt Bowls

Here is one of my best tips for saving the moo-lah and saving extra poundage on the waistline: Stop buying individually packed yogurts! Yup. I'm serious. Instead, opt for quart containers of organic, plain yogurt. If Greek is your thing, make sure it is the REAL stuff. Read your labels, and be sure you are sticking to a yogurt that is not full of fillers.

--> There are 5 servings per quart, which breaks down to less than 80 cents per serving.
--> Most flavored yogurts are loaded with sugar. Yogurt already has a pretty high level of naturally occurring sugars, and sweetened varieties can contain up to 30 grams (EEEKK!) in one serving! Read your labels, and opt for fresh fruit, nuts and seeds instead!
--> One quart container is a lesser environmental impact than 5 individual ones, in both production and waste.
--> As part of my weekly food prep, I portion yogurt into bowls, add oats, seeds, or nuts and pop into the fridge. These are easy to top with fresh fruit and grab as a healthy option during the week.