Easy Sauerkraut

Inspired by a big 'ol beautiful cabbage.


What you'll need:

--1 head of cabbage, finely sliced (I let my food processor attachment do the work here)
--2 tsp sea salt
--2 quart sized mason jars



Heat a tea kettle or large pot of water to a boil.

Meanwhile, Wash jars with hot water and soap (duh). A sanitizing wash in the dishwasher works, too. 

Pack jars with cabbage. I mean really pack it in them to the brim. Top each jar with one tsp sea salt. Then, slowly fill each jar with boiling water, being sure to completely cover.

Wipe off the rim of the jars, and screw lids tightly onto jars.

Set filled jars into a pan or shallow dish in a dark space at room temperature. As the cabbage ferments, it will ooze out of the top of the jar; hence the need for the pan. Allow jars to sit for up to 2-3 weeks at room temperature. The longer they sit, the more intensified the flavor of your kraut will be. 


1 jar = 2-4 servings

**It is important to note that you are NOT sealing these jars to be shelf stable.**

2-3 weeks--> fermentation process that will happen at room temperature
up to 6 months--> stable in the refrigerator