Four Weeks of Groceries for Under $400

Week 1                                               Week 2 

Week 3                                                   Week 4

Week 3                                                   Week 4

In the month of June, we challenged ourselves to keep our grocery budget to $400/month.  Well, June is over, and the numbers are in.  

$394.70 for everything pictured above.  79% of what we purchased was certified organic.


So, how did we do it?

We connected with our local farms and joined a CSA.  This was paid up front, but broke down to $32 per week. We are also hosting a CSA pickup site for another farm, and receive a small share for free in exchange. We use THESE ingredients to plan our week's meals!

We stick to a plant based diet.  Technically, we are pescatarian, which is just a really fancy way to say we eat seafood, dairy and eggs.  That said, we stick to mostly vegan protein sources like beans, legumes, tofu, beans, nuts and seeds.  And yes, Ziggy is a healthy, thriving vegetarian, too! 

We check out our store's sales flier before heading out, and shop around the deals.

We make 2 grocery stops. I make 2 lists each week--one for Aldi, a discount food store in our area, and one for Whole Foods.  I make a list for each store, stick to it, and I'm in and out of both in about an hour, even with a toddler.  

We shop only once per week.  Chris and I were the KINGS of stopping to get “one thing” on the way home from work and would come out $40 in the hole.  Multiply those “one thing” stops by 3, and you’ve spent some serious cash!!   

We stick to the list, and don't buy sh*t we don't need.  I used to be a total impulse buyer.  No more!   

→ We generally follow the Dirty Dozen list and shop seasonally when purchasing produce.  By sticking to this list and the seasons, I feel good about what I am feeding my family and doing my part to protect the environment from the pesticide funk.

We buy in bulk where we can.  We buy QUARTS of yogurt rather than cups, BOXES of crackers rather than snack packs, 5lb bag of carrots instead of baby carrots and shop in the bulk section of our grocery store for grains, nuts, and other goodies as much as we can.  A pound of organic rolled oats in the bulk section at Whole Foods will run just over $2.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  

And, that's how we do it.  Not sure you can commit to all of these things? Choose one, and stick to it.  It's the little positive changes done consistently over time that yield huge results!