Basic Crustless Quiche Recipe

Quiches are a go-to for us when there is an influx of farm fresh eggs.  They are super easy for breakfast, lunch or dinner, served hot or cold.  Pictured below is spinach, mushroom and feta.  Choose any method to your madness!

What You'll Need:

6-8 eggs, beaten

3 c fresh veggies, any variety 

4-6 ounces cheese, any variety

coconut oil

salt and pepper


Grease a pie pan with coconut oil.

Heat oven to 350*

Meanwhile, saute veggies in a large skillet.  Your goal is to cook out the water so that your quiche doesn't end up getting mushy.

Pour cooked veggies into pie pan.  Cover with whisked eggs.  I recommend starting with 6 eggs, and adding 1 or 2 if you need to.  

Top with cheese, salt, pepper.

Bake for 35-40 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.   Serve with a side of freshly dressed greens, soup, or baked hashbrowns.


Serves 2-3.