Stewed Tomatoes

The perfect way to preserve the sweetness of summer tomatoes.  Any variation of herbs/peppers/garlic works here, so get creative.  

Also note that a pressure cooker would work, too. I will not go into details about how to use a canning pot here--be sure to read through your instruction manual beforehand!!  


 What You'll Need:

Mason Jars (We prefer wide mouth pint jars; easier to get stuff into, and less mess)  1 bushel will yield about 24 pint size jars

1 bushel sweet summer tomatoes, diced

sea salt

fresh basil


Prepare the mason jars:

--Remove rings and lids, then run jars through the dishwasher
--Line up empty jars on the counter like an assembly line
--Keep rings handy near canning pot
--Place lids in a small sauce pan of boiling water. This sanitizes them, and prepares the rubber ring for suction onto the jar.

Chop the tomatoes, heat on medium in large soup pots.  Cook for 20-30 minutes, or until soft.  

Stir in 1-2 tsp sea salt to each large pot.  

Fill jars with cooked tomatoes, leaving 1/4-1/2 inch at the top.  Top each with freshly sliced basil.   Do this in shifts, depending on how many jars your pot holds. 

Follow directions for your specific canning pot in regard to boiling times. Depending on how many jars you do, this takes a bit of time. It is always very well worth it, but be sure to plan accordingly.

Not ready to dive into canning just yet?  Measure 2 c servings into freezer baggies.  Lay flat to freeze to maximize space.  

Store sealed jars in a cool dark place.  Use in place of store bought canned tomatoes all winter long!