The Summit Experience: 2016 Edition

After my first 3 months as a coach, I earned my free ticket to Team Beachbody's annual conference, Coach Summit in Nashville.  I was nervous and excited, as I didn't know what to expect.  I was planning to room with 2 women from our team who I know in our virtual world, but had never met in "real life." And, there were going to be a ton of coaches there!  I had never been to Nashville-- What should I pack to wear!?  I tossed come things into a suitcase, put my game face on, and kissed my 2 sweet boys goodbye as I headed into the airport.



I learned quickly that the events over the course of the weekend were to be made super simple with a Beachbody Summit app that provided all of the whos, whats and wheres, as well as text reminders.  My flight was super early, and I was the first to arrive.  So, I dropped by things off at the hotel, took some time to check in with my challengers and team, before heading over to the Convention Center to register.


I had a moment to let it all sink in once picking up my registration.  15 months prior, I was just 1 year postpartum, and seeking a way to pull myself off the backburner. So, I bought an exercise program.  That decision proved to create a ripple effect bigger than I dreamed possible. It pulled me off the back burner. It rekindled old friendships. It created new ones. It created a growing team of likeminded people with goals and dreams, and a VISION for the future. And, it inspired hundreds of people to make a positive change in their life and decide that, "Yes, I am worth it, too."  These badges and ribbons represented something so much bigger than myself. And there will be even more next year.  How cool is that?!

I went off to explore more of the Convention Center, full of Shakeology bars, recognition, shopping, and lots of people of yoga pants.  Then, a little exploring around Nashville.  What an amazing little city!  It is full of so much energy—tons of live music, culture, and yup, you guessed it, Johnny Cash.  Look at this awesome shirt I found for Ziggy!  (and some gear for me ;)       

Next stop, our hotel, where I met Katie and Katie, my roomies for the weekend.  It’s crazy how even though we had never met in “real life,” we all quickly picked up conversation, as if we were just old friends picking up where we left off.  We relaxed, and then headed back to Convention Center for our live 22 Minute Hard Corps with Tony Horton! 

For the record, yes, he is just as sexy in real life.  It was awesome.

In the evening, we headed to Nissan Stadium for the Opening Ceremonies.  We learned about some big announcements, upcoming product launches and specials, as well as some interviews with Beachbody super trainers, which had us all pumped up about the months to come!  We headed back room after a busy day, did a little #girlbossing, and prepared our bodies and minds for a busy weekend with rest.

Friday and Saturday were filled with workshops and general training sessions.  We heard from top coaches across the network, as well as keynote speakers, who brought words of wisdom not only for our business and our fitness, but for our minds.  

Until pretty recently, I thought that personal development meant professional development. You know, the kind that your company offers to help you better understand their product or service. In my case, education budget, politics, curriculum, policy and procedure...

I have learned that personal development is about developing your person. It's not about a product, a dress code or office hours. It's about growing who you are as a person. It's about maximizing your personal strengths and your role in this big awesome world. It's about setting goals and gaining the confidence to reach them. It's about helping others to do the same.  And, I am partnered with a company that wants to FUEL me.  So.  Awesome. 

Friday evening brought a free concert (with drink vouchers!) to Billy Idol.  We went with an 80’s theme and rocked the dancers from Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love music video.  We really pulled it off.  And, for the record, Billy Idol is still incredibly talented and totally inappropriate.  He said he liked us because we help others take care of themselves.  He also said, “You have to workout if you want to get f*cked up.”  He has the balance thing on lockdown. 

The best part about hanging out with a ton of fitness coaches?  They are totally cool with waking up at 530am to workout even after a late night. Saturday morning, the main street in town was closed down for the Super Workout.  Over 20,000 coaches came to workout with Shawn T, Chalene Johnson, Tony Horton, Autumn Calebrese, and Joel & Jericho.  

The day was packed with more personal development and training, and then headed back to Nissan Stadium for the official Closing Ceremony.

If Beachbody has anything right, it is recognition.  Remember the Coach Summit ticket and Billy Idol concert?  Both REWARDS for helping others take steps to change their lives!  And these are in addition to the rewards given month to month.

The closing ceremony was ah-mazing.  Star Diamond coached and above were honored and recognized in what almost seemed like a Hollywood award ceremony.  Top coaches shared their top tips for success, and Beachbody Challenge winners were announced, who each shared their story and remarkable weight loss transformation.  How inspiring are the winners?!

We woke up Sunday, enjoyed a rooftop Pilates sesh, followed by a superfood bowl, and began to reflect on the weekend, with our hearts full.   

This weekend not only provided an opportunity for our team to connect from near and far, but provided a perfect balance of training, recognition, inspiration and FUN! 

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about how I ended up here. It all started with a decision to find a better mama balance.  Along the way, I have not only taken the reins on my journey, but guided others as they embark on theirs.  I've had faith in the path that brought me here.  Between now and next year in the Big Easy, we will have grown as a team, as individuals, and will have so much more to celebrate.   And to think this is just the beginning... 

Where will you be one year from now?  #youcantoo