Hey There! I’m So Glad You’re Here!  

I’m Sarah, 30-something mama, Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, and Self Proclaimed Foodie.


I empower women to stop dieting, so they can be present, honor their bodies, and feel confident in the skin they're in.  

But it wasn't always this way...

 From left: 20's, early 30's, present

From left: 20's, early 30's, present


In my 20s:  Diet pills....Low carb....Grapefruit....Cabbage soup....Point counting....Calorie counting....Portion counting....Over exercising....Drinking my calories....Saving up and then binging...

It was the consistent struggle between “getting back on track” or just saying eff it and drinking wine and binge eat SnackWells cookies for dinner, even though I just had restocked my fridge with loads of fresh produce.

I was always looking for the next big thing that was going to give me the body I really wanted, but was really stuck on the,start-again-stop-again train.

In my early 30s:  The thinnest I have ever been (important to note this was POST BABY) -- and also the real beginning of what I now recognize was a completely warped body image. I loved my body here -- but I didn't fully enjoy my life--  I was too busy obsessing about food, did 3 day starvation cleanses regularly to "reboot" or "get back on track" and was super judgmental every time I ate "too many" carbs, "too much" fat, or enjoyed an ice cream cone with my family.

My pant size was never small enough, I was never happy with the scale, and was constantly checking my reflection to make sure my clothes weren’t pinching to “make me look bigger than I already was”. 🤣

This unhealthy relationship with food ultimately led to a hormone imbalance, irregular cycles, and a host of other ugly symptoms.

The present: This is true food freedom.

This is BREAKING FREE from dieting and FINALLY, for the first time in my adult life, feeling comfortable and confident in my skin. This is honoring my body, setting a healthy example for my son, and being engaged in a healthy relationship with myself. 

Other perks along the way?  I have healed my body from hormone imbalance, irregular cycles, and irritable bowels with FOOD & LIFESTYLE.   Yup, it's possible.  


Here's the deal: Americans spend north of 60 BILLION dollars to try to get the body they want, on everything from paying for gym memberships and joining weight-loss programs to drinking diet soda. 🥤

95% of Americans begin a diet only to FAIL and find themselves looking for the next fix or solution.  I was in that 95% for a longgggg time.

So, how did I achieve this food freedom?  I studied the 5% of people who are not only achieving their health goals, but maintaining them for LIFE.

I've helped countless other women to do this...WITHOUT quick fixes, pills, starvation cleanses, negative self talk or bullshit.  And many have not only taken control of their weight, but balanced hormones, lowered blood pressure, managed Type I Diabetes, eliminated brain fog, healed arthritis, lowered cholesterol and even reversed Type II Diabetes. 

Here’s what they’re saying:


“This change feels really nice and is so easy. I have so much more energy and am down more pounds this week. This stuff is amazing!!" -V.M.

"Just staying on my lifestyle -- It is pretty easy most of the time at this point! I actually did a boudoir photo shoot of my awesome bod so I have proof of how I look when I get older!" -C.G.

“I’ve always been hesitant to do anything for myself, let alone open up and look at things I could change/fix. I thought this was going to be so hard, but I'm down over 10 pounds, am trying new foods and have more patience with my kids!" -M.C.

"I finally feel in control. I am acutely aware of the decisions that I make with regard to my nutrition and my body --no longer do my choices send me into the cycle of guilt that eventually results in giving up on myself." -S.T.


I've done this.  They've done this.  You can do this, too.

PS. This isn't for everyone - I am looking for go-getters with an unstoppable commitment to break free from the diet mentality and put themselves back in the driver's seat. Women who are willing to do something different to get something different while simultaneously creating a lifestyle that affords them to be PRESENT and ENGAGED in their life, with the people they love.