Hey there! I’m Sarah, a Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, Recipe Developer and Meal Planning Guru. I have 10+ years experience in the field of Health and Wellness as a certified Pilates instructor, Plant-Based Food Blogger, Meal Plan Developer & Certified Health and Life Coach.

I help women to simplify nutrition, approaching food and their bodies from a place of empowerment. I’m also a big fan of making good-for-you foods taste fab.

When I’m not engaging with clients, you'll find me exploring the outdoors with my boys, on my yoga mat attempting to get a little zen, getting my hands dirty in our garden, or making a big mess in my small kitchen.

I’m just a regular old 30-something mom, living in Pittsburgh, PA with my husband Chris, son Ziggy, and our silly black cat named Freye. We welcomed the newest member of our family, Tripp, in March 2019.


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