My story is twofold, and all began with a pretty unhealthy relationship with food. I did them all… Diet pills....Low carb....Grapefruit....Cabbage soup....I counted points, calories, portions....Over exercised....Drank my calories....Saved up and then binged… 

…I did 3 day starvation cleanses regularly to "reboot" or "get back on track" and was super judgmental every time I ate "too many" carbs, "too much" fat, or enjoyed an ice cream cone with my family. 🤣

Then, in my mid twenties, I began to study WHERE our food came from.

What I learned was life changing-- when the body gets the nutrients it uniquely needs, our metabolic fire ignites. We release excess weight. Hormones naturally balance. Pain dissipates. Blood pressure and blood sugar normalize. When taken care of, the body then has the ability to put energy into what it does best, giving YOU energy!   

I was so amazed at the transformation I was experiencing, and became hooked. I soaked up all that I could — books, documentaries, podcasts… all about food sourcing, and the power that food has on our bodies.


All was well and good in my world, and my health, until after having our first son. I waited until he weaned from nursing, around 1 year postpartum, to begin taking birth control again. I had always done well on the pill, and figured it would be no different postpartum.  But instead…

I was an emotional roller coaster, and experiencing a string of strange symptoms.  My skin was dry and itchy, my hair and nails were brittle and frail. I experienced chronic mouth sores and cystic pimples. My belly would swell every time I ate, and I struggled with constipation regularly.  There were days that I was debilitatingly exhausted, which I chalked up to being a working mom who was building a business in the background.  

I began seeing doctor after doctor, desperate for answers. These symptoms had to be connected in some way. After chasing my tail with no relief, I decided to stop taking birth control, assuming that it was contributing to my symptoms. And, instead of getting better, another was added to the list.

March passed, and then April, and my period never returned.  I went to see my midwife for my annual check up and expressed my concern.  She wasn't overly concerned about my missing cycle, as it can sometimes take a few months for a woman’s cycle to re-regulate after birth control…

So, I didn’t stress about it, until May passed, and then June.  Still no period.  My midwife ordered a blood panel, to find that my estrogen was low.  She, again, prescribed time, suggested that we retest my hormone levels in 6-8 weeks, and I waited.

Low estrogen no ovulation no period.

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While I waited, I thought about the possibility of our family being complete.  Maybe this was it? Just 3 of us.  Maybe another baby won’t be an option for us.  I’m not sure how I envisioned it, but it certainly had to be by choice.  I began to question the positive lifestyle changes I had made--maybe I should just go back to my old ways ?!

August came, and I had my bloodwork run again only to find that my estrogen was moving in the wrong direction--it had lowered.  I was referred to an endocrinologist, and made the first available appointment in early October.

By this time, I was feverishly researching my symptoms.  Even though the doctors I had seen didn’t seem to see a connection with my symptoms, I was certain that there was.  I spent hours reading cited articles, blog posts, medical publications.  I watched YouTube videos and listened to stories of others that had similar symptoms.  


There was ONE thing that kept coming up, time and time again. GLUTEN. So, I completely eliminated the ingredient that was a mainstay to my plant-centered diet for the last 10+ years. And, for my period returned for the first time in 7 months.

Slowly but surely, my other symptoms began to dissipate.  The mouth ulcers stopped.  My skin cleared up. My hair stopped falling out.  My skin regained moisture.  I had energy again.  I didn't have pain and bloating after eating, and my digestion re-regulated.   All of it.

Our fertility journey ended up being a whole different rodeo filled with it’s own unique challenges {read more here} but what I learned about the impact that certain foods can have on our bodies during this time was an instrumental piece to the puzzle!


Do I have it all figured out? Nope. I am still learning, still listening to my body every day. Once you’re tuned in and LISTENING to what your body and intuition are really telling you, making food and lifestyle choices that serve you become easy!

Don’t know where to start? I didn’t either. I just started. You’ve totally got this!

If you feel stuck, like you've tried everything...if you're sick of obsessing about food and your body...are ready to begin your journey to true food freedom…or if you know in your heart of hearts that something is just off ... let’s connect!

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