Black Bean Burger

I have been on a mission to find a great staple bean burger recipe for a while. It turns out to be so simple, that I must have overlooked it all along. Double this recipe, and freeze these guys to have on hand--they are worth it!!

What You'll Need:

1 c gluten free rolled oats

2 can black beans, rinsed and drained

1/2 an onion
1/2 Tbsp chili powder
1 large egg
1/2 tsp sea salt

black pepper to taste

Pulse oats in a food processor until fine. Add most of the beans (reserving about 1/2 cup), puree until smooth.

Transfer to a large bowl.. Add egg, spices & remaining beans. Stir well!

Divide into 4 equal patties. 

Cook in a warm skillet until browned (about 4 minutes each side).. These grill well too!

Serve with your favorite fixings. I love mine open faced with sauteed spinach, pickles, fresh tomato, sprouts and avocado. 

Serves 4. Want more awesome recipes like this? Check out our meal plans!

Creating a Vision: 5 Simple Steps

Someone really special bought a new swim suit last week. And it’s not just any swimsuit — it’s THE swimsuit.

This special someone is a member of our Mastermind Community. When we began working together last summer, she described the vision of what she wanted…how she wanted to FEEL…as one of the women in the Altheta Catalog. Strong, flexible, energized, comfortable in her body.

altheta 1.jpg

And you know what she just bought to celebrate what she’s accomplished over the last 10 months? An Altheta swimsuit. How freaking awesome is THAT?!

The importance of a clear VISION is that it creates the energy to make change happen. Cause let’s be honest, staying consistent and transforming habits isn’t easy.

When a vision is clear enough, it inspires effective goal setting, daily choices, and makes the commitment to the long game easier.

Not sure where to start? Create your vision using these 5 tips:

  1. Write it down. What does it look like? What are you wearing? Who are you with? Where are you? What can your future self do? How is your life different? Be specific!

  2. Create a vision statement!! An effective vision statement begins with “I am.” “I am strong, flexible, healthy & confident.” Take it to the next level by identifying a visual in your environment that will consistently tie you to your vision (in this case, a photo of women from the Athleta Catalog!}

  3. Start small. What is ONE thing you can begin to implement consistently THIS week to get you one step close to the vision? Start small, and layer in one new actin layer every week.

  4. Commit to the long game. It is the small, seemingly insignificant things that we do daily that add up over time to yield incredible results.

  5. Allow yourself to be supported. It is OKAY not to know all the answers and to ask to for help!! Take off the superwoman cape, and connect with an accountability partner, group, or coach to provide support, accountability and to keep you in motion! #bettertogether

So what do you think? Are you compelled to create your vision? What does the end of 2019 look like for you? I would LOVE to see what you come up with. Share below, or always feel free to email >>

In the meantime, you have to try out this incredible recipe for Vegetable Pasta Salad. It will become a go-to for spring and summer picnics, promise!

PS Here’s what our members are cooking up this week!

5.3 pics.jpg

—Muffins that hide veggies #canigetahellyeah

—A salad that looks like a rainbow, and tastes like one too

—A spring spin on Minestrone

—Creamy polenta with a savory spin

—And a cauliflower dish you won’t forget

In this week's video, we’re talking all about CARBS & how they relate to weight, blood sugar & energy.

Oh! And as a bonus in May, we’re including our Freezer Stash Guide! 10 delicious recipes to stock in your freezer for easy grab and go when life gets cray (because it will)

If you want in, sign up here by this Thursday (May 9th):

Let’s stay connected!  Contact us anytime, HERE.

Let’s stay connected! Contact us anytime, HERE.

pasta salad .jpg

Vegetable Pasta Salad

This is our favorite go-to pasta salad. Perfect healthy option to take along with you to picnic celebrations all spring & summer long!  If you do this right, you'll end up with a giant, flavorful, chopped salad, with some pasta tossed in!


What You'll Need

4 c dry pasta (choose brown rice pasta, OR for a protein punch, chickpea pasta!)

3/4 c olive oil
1/3 c fresh basil, sliced into thin strips

1/4 c red wine vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 clove minced garlic
1 tbsp. Dijon mustard

8 c fresh veggies, chopped (anything goes here--broccoli, peppers, cukes, edamame, summer squash, spinach or other greens...) 
3 medium tomatoes, OR 1 pint cherry tomatoes, chopped
1 c kalamata olives
1/4 c fresh parsley or additional basil

1 c shredded parmesan cheese, right from the block

Bring water to a boil for the pasta. 

Meanwhile, mix basil and olive oil from. Basil will begin to infuse the oil. It will be awesome. 

In a separate bowl, mix ingredients for the dressing in a small bowl. Wisk.

Then, chop up those veggies and toss into a large serving bowl.

Drain and rinse cooked pasta with cool water. Add to veggie bowl.

Add dressing and basil infused oil. Top with Parmesan and toss.

Trust me when I say you will never make another pasta salad with bottled Italian dressing again. Ever.

Serves 8-12, perfect as a picnic side, main, or to have in the fridge for lunch all week. 

Want more awesome recipes like this? Check out our meal plans!

Thai Rice Bowls

Buddha bowls are a super trendy thing now.  The name for this grain based bowls inspired by Buddhist monks and nuns, have been eating this way for over two thousand years.   I'm feeling grateful for this super healthy, balanced meal inspiration, which always offers a colorful balance of plants, additional fiber, healthy fats and protein!


What You'll Need:

For the dressing:
3 Tbsp rice wine vinegar
1/4 c olive oil
2 1/2 Tbsp all natural peanut butter (no Jiff here guys, like for real)
1 Tbsp honey
3 Tbsp Tamari or soy sauce
squeeze Sriracha

1 block tofu, sliced lengthwise and pressed*
2 c cooked brown rice
1 sweet bell pepper, diced
2 c cabbage, thinly sliced (use purple cabbage to make this plate pop even more!)
1 c fresh cilantro, chopped
2 c lettuce greens, chopped

1/4 c peanuts

*Press tofu by layering on a plate: tea towel, tofu, tea towel, something heavy-ish. Allow it it sit on the counter for about 30 minutes, or even overnight in the refrigerator.

Whisk dressing ingredients in a small bowl.

Prepare and arrange ingredients in a large bowl or dinner plate.  Drizzle with dressing, sprinkle with peanuts, and DIVE IN!


Serves 4. Want more awesome recipes like this? Check out our meal plans!

5 Key Shifts to Releasing Perfection

I ate a chocolate bunny for lunch on Thursday.  And not just a little foil wrapped one.  Like a big ass chocolate bunny.  

To say there are moments where I'm in full on survival mode as a new mom to two is an understatement. 

Y'all know I'm over here preaching self care, but in the midst of 32 ounce bottles of water and veggie filled meals, there are many days without showers, days that I find myself in hitting up the drive thru beer distributor on my way home from school pick up, and days where I look at the clock at three and think "shit, have I eaten anything since breakfast this morning?" ...and days that involve giant chocolate bunnies for lunch.

And ya know what?  Even though I have a waysssss to go to reaching my postpartum goals (ie my pants) I'm totally cool with it.  

This chapter is just that .. a chapter.  It will be over in the blink of an eye and I'll be so thankful I have given myself grace and didn't spend valuable time stressing over it being perfect.  

There are 5 really important things I’ve learned that have changed the game:


1. The body CANNOT heal in a stressed state. Stressing about it being perfect — food (or anything for that matter) prevents you from the end goal, whether it be weight loss, increased energy, regularity or even fertility.

2. What you focus on EXPANDS! Want failure, pain and for things to be hard? Easy. Want success, ease and amazingness? Also easy. Focus on what you want.

3. CONSISTENCY is key. 10 consistent steps forward and 2 step back still equals 8 steps toward the goal. Commit to the long game, and release the idea that it needs to be perfect.

4. Talk to yourself like someone you love. That voice in your head? The one that tells you you’re fat, you’re not enough or disgusting? Tell her you don’t have space for that kind of negativity in your life. If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself.

5. Eat more plants. They’ll make you feel good from the inside, and that’s what radiates outward.. 🍉🌱🍑🥕🍌🥑🍏🥦🍋

Start by incorporating this ah-mazing Thai Peanut Rice bowl, loaded with veggies, packed with flavor and texture and sure to please!!

P.S. ~ Here's a peek at what our members are cooking up this week!

4.26 pics.jpg

—A breakfast smoothie (trust us, you wont even know you’re eating veggies)

—A Parmesan crisp topped soup

—A plant based spin on a favorite bar food

—A light, hearty dumpling bowl

— And, TACOS!

Also! In this week's video, learn more about silicone bakeware, and an easy, tasty way to make any soup or salad fancy. If you want in, sign up here by this Wednesday (May 1st):

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thai rice .jpg
perfection .jpg


I started making red sauce for our family a few years ago, and will never look back.  Most of what you will find in the grocery store is loaded with sugar, sodium and often times FUNK.  Super easy to make a big batch and freeze!  Learn the method to the madness below!

What You’ll Need:

3 Tbsp olive oil

2 medium onions, minced

8 cloves garlic, mince

2 (6 oz) cans of tomato paste, no salt or sugar added

¼ c red wine vinegar

4 (28 oz) cans tomatoes, no salt or sugar added 

1 tsp raw sugar

2 tsp Himalayan or sea salt

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

3 oz parmesan or other hard

cheese, shredded

½ c chopped fresh basil

Heat olive oil in a large soup pot over medium heat.  Add onion and garlic, sauté until aromatic.

Add tomato paste, vinegar, tomatoes, sugar, salt & pepper.  Stir, and allow to

simmer for 20 minutes or so.

Add cheese.  Cook on low for another 20 minutes or so.

Add basil. Remove from heat. Allow sauce to cool, and puree using either an immursion blender, traditional blender or food processor

Will keep in refrigerator for about a week.  To freeze, transfer to quart size freezer bags, date, and lay FLAT in your freezer to take up less space!

Makes approximately 12 cups of sauce.

Want more awesome recipes like this? Check out our meal plans!



Oh Sugar, You Ain't So Sweet


Coming off a holiday weekend often times comes paired with a sugar hangover.

It sure tastes good.  And it feels good, too.  Sugar is addictive as cocaine, lighting up dopamine receptors in the brain (think of a Christmas tree.  Inside your HEAD.) 

So, even though we know it's not good for us, we dive in for more, eager for another hit.  What's more troublesome is that we don't even realize we are addicted, and that most people are literally eating it from sun up to sun down.  

Nearly 152 POUNDS of added sugar find it's way into the average American's diet each year.  That is equivalent to an average size HUMAN.  The problem is that it is everything, from the culprits we'd expect (cookies, candy, soda) to the not-so obvious (sauces, crackers, meal replacement shakes, bars, salad dressings, frozen dinners and the majority of all processed foods). 

Your main task is to GET YOUR LABEL READING ON.  And no, not the nutritional label that breaks down calories, grams of fat, fiber, etc.  This is IS important.  But what is more important is the list of INGREDIENTS.  Do you know what you are actually putting IN your body?  

I didn't.  Not for a really long time.  This process was really eye opening for me, and it likely will be for you, too. 

Below, find five foods, many pantry staples, that include processed sugar, as well as other sh*t that probably aren't interested in putting inside your body!  


The majority of flavored yogurts contain added sugars, thickeners and artificial colors.  Trade out fat free conventional yogurts for grass fed, plain 2% of full fat.  Add a tsp of raw honey and fresh fruit to give a punch of natural sweetness.


You know, healthy, fit people enjoying a granola bar in the fresh air after a glorious hike.  It HAS to be healthy!  Trade out a processed bar for a 1/2 cup of homemade trail mix using raw nuts, unsweetened dry fruit and 75% dark cocoa chips.

sugar foods.jpg


Did you know there are ELEVEN varieties of Cheerios?  Yup, just Cheerios!  Most grocery stores have an entire aisle dedicated to this fortified, sugar packed, shelf stable American favorite--CEREAL!  Swap out your bowl of cold cereal for a serving of rolled oats.  Top with your favorite unsweetened milk, a tsp of real maple syrup, and fresh fruit for a well rounded, nutrient packed breakfast. 


Did you know that nut butters are supposed to have a pool of oil sitting on top when you open the jar?  It's true.  As a dedicated JIF eater for most of my life, I was shocked to see this when I opened my first jar of "natural" nut butter.  But, be on the lookout.  Even natural nut butters have added sugar, added oils, added salt and other funk.  Be on the lookout for one with the nut (peanut, almond, cashew, etc), and maybe salt as the only ingredient(s)   


Have you ever eaten a summer tomato right off the vine?  You know, sunk into its divine sweetness.  Like candy!! <3  Not all jarred/canned tomato products have added sugar or funk (think pasta sauce, canned tomatoes, salsa, tomato paste), just be sure to get in the habit of reading those labels! Check out our favorite marinara sauce here We include amazing, easy soup recipes on our weekly meal plans as well!

It's a lot to take in, right?! 

ASSIGNMENT:  Take a look in your fridge/pantry/freezer, and take a look at the ingredient labels of some of your kitchen staples.  The KEY is to do this with CURIOSITY, not judgement.  So, you find all of your food is full of sugar, fillers and other crap?  No probs!  Now you know what to get rid of, or what to avoid during your next shopping trip!

What what you learned below!


P.S. ~ Here's a peek at what our members are cooking up this week!

4.19 pics .jpg

—Protein packed pancakes

—A plant-based feta that will blow your mind

—A Caribbean inspired, light spring stew

—Pasta Primavera for the soul

— And, a savory fritatta

Also! Learn how to make your own, easy-peasy fiber rich, gluten free oat flour in this week’s video. If you want in, sign up here by this Wednesday (April 24th):

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Overnight Oats

There are so many amazing variations to these, and honestly, my current obsession!!  Pictured below is topped with fresh blueberries, but anything goes.  Dare to get creative! 

What You'll Need:

1/2 c plain rolled oats
1 Tbsp chia seeds
2 Tbsp ground flax
1 c fresh or frozen berries

Optional; 1 scoop of plant-based protein powder of choice OR 2 Tbsp hemp hearts for a protein boost

Top with 3/4 c milk of choice (I like unsweetened almond, coconut, or soy), and stir well.  The chia seeds will soak up a lot of the liquid!

Wisk together ingredients in a pint size mason jar or glass tupperware.  Pop into fridge, and top with fresh fruit in the morning!  🙌🏻🙌🏻

Want more awesome recipes like this? Check out our meal plans!

These can be made 3-4 days ahead of time! Some other variations to try:

unsweetened coconut shreds + fresh strawberries

apples and cinnamon

fresh pears + 1 tsp pure maple syrup 

fresh raspberries and lemon zest

fresh watermelon 

finely grated carrot, raisin + nutmeg

pumpkin puree, 1 tsp pure maple syrup + cinnamon 

fresh peaches or nectarines 

fresh blackberries or mulberries + cinnamon 

cocoa powder + fresh strawberries

overnight oats .jpg


Welcome SPRING! This dish is BEYOND amazing right now, and throughout the growing season, when herbs and veggies are fresh! 


1/2 c quinoa
1/3 c olive oil
juice of 1 lemon
salt and cracked pepper
2 c chopped parsley
1 c chopped mint
1/2 c chopped scallion or chives
2 c grape or cherry tomatoes, quartered

Cook quinoa in 1 c salted water for 15 minutes, or until all liquid is absorbed. Just before you are ready to dig in, mix with other ingredients. 

Serves about 4 people who will be very happy. Want more awesome recipes like this? Check out our meal plans!


Natural Remedies for IBS

How often does someone check in to see how things are .... moving ....?? 💩

Yes, for real. As someone who struggled with constipation for most of my adult life, this struggle can be REALLLLL, and really painful.

It wasn't that long ago that I cleaned out our medicine cabinet. I reorganized and threw away the norm--expired cold medicine, stray bandaids, the bottle of lotion with one squeeze left in it.

Miralax, stool softeners, beano, benefiber, metamucil..... among what was pulled out of that cabinet--the pool of over the counter supplements, meds and aids for.... 💩💨😳(or lack thereof 😫)


The struggle was real for a long time yo.

There was a span of a few years where I was terrified to eat anything because it seemed anything I ate caused me to blow up like a balloon — literally, my belly like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man. And don’t get me started on the frequent gas. 🥺

It was embarrassing. It was hard to talk about. And it felt shitty #punintened 😉

And for the longest time, I was putting a bandaid on the problems. I know what it's like to walk into a drug store willing to drop any amount of 💰 for any sense of relief or hope for regularity. It took a reallyyyy long time for me to realize that I would never solve the problem without getting to the root of the issue.

That started with the foods I was eating, and learning what works best for my unique body. 🍏

Want to know the magic formula?

While it’s not exactly the same for everyone, it generally encompasses 3 things: FIBER & WATER from plant foods + GLUTEN FREE sources of carbohydrates. That’s it!

You’ve got to try out this awesome plant-filled, gluten free recipe for Tabbouleh! It’s a favorite around here. And, if you’re interested in learning how to up the ante and serve this dish up with some protein packed, plant based savory pancakes, you have to get your hands on this week’s meal plan!

Our winter season was ah-mazing and we are currently seeking a limited number of test group participants for our spring launch of the the meal plan subscription.

This is an awesome opportunity to receive one month of deliciousness, and see a positive impact on your digestion, your energy, your waistline, your wallet and your most valuable resource, YOUR TIME, at a discounted rate. (only $5/week!)

Here's a glimpse at what our members are cooking up this week! If you’d like to be a part of the exclusive test group, comment below or send me a quick email to secure your space!

4.5 images .jpg

This week, we're diving into 

—Chocolate for breakfast!

—A hearty chowder reminiscent of summer

—A veggie burger that is sure to please

—Modern twist on the good ‘ol casserole

— And, a Mediterranean pancake that will blow your damn mind!

This week’s video is all about cutting onions, with a few tips to avoid the tears.

Let's connect!  Contact me HERE anytime.

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How to Lower Your Grocery Bill

How much money do you spend on groceries each week? 🍏 

It wasn't that long ago that our average cost for groceries per week, as a family of TWO were upwards of $250/week.   Never a plan, never a list, and we were always stopping to pick up "one" thing on our way home from work.

That wasn’t accounting for 🍻 happy hour on the reg; $75 on average for drinks and apps/2x week OR 🍴dinners out. Chris and I used to go out, often times on a whim, 2-3x/week for dinner. For both of us, $80 each meal with a few drinks. 

If you haven't been adding up with me, that's $640 to feed our family of 2 each WEEK.

...And because we ended up eating out on a whim half the time, I would throw tons of fresh produce away at the end of each week.  

Our average weekly spend is now around $125 to feed our family of FOUR (well, one doesn't eat food yet, so technically three, lol!) Pretty massive shift, right?!


grocery haul2.jpg

Well, most plant centered foods, like fresh fruits and veggies, beans and lentils, nuts, seeds and gluten free grains... they're generally kinder to the wallet than processed and convenience foods.

And those plant based proteins we incorporate? At around 50 cents/serving, they save you bookoo bucks!

Unbelievable, right?!

Just a small few things shifted:
... head into each week with a solid PLAN instead of winging it! less prepared convenience foods! 

…eat more PLANTS!
...cook more, using SHARED ingredients
...and for the first time ever, not throw a bunch of food away at the end of each week!

=A lower grocery bill 😍 This is exciting stuff! 🤩

What would you do with that extra money each week?!

P.S. ~ Here's what our members are cooking up this week! Once all stocked up on most commonly used spices and pantry staples, it isn’t uncommon to get away with spending less than $100/week on everything you'll need to feed your family for one week! Our members notice a massive shift in their grocery spend. #canigetahellyeah

These plans make it all possible! And, through the end of today (March 31) use code babyishere for 30% off your first month!

If you want in, sign up here by this Wednesday (April 3rd):

3.29 photo Collage.jpg

--A breakfast that could surely be featured on a restaurant brunch menu 

--A pear and bleu salad for the win

--A new spin on beans and greens--once you try it you'll never go back

--Curry noodle bowls that are sure to become a staple to your rotation 

--And a protein packed stuffed spaghetti squash with just enough heat! 

Ever wonder how to make kale not suck?  Tune in, I'm sharing all about it this week!! 

Wondering what’s for dessert? Check out this recipe for Mango Frozen Yogurt — it does NOT disappoint!

Let's connect!  Contact me HERE anytime.

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how to lower grocery bil .jpg

Mango Frozen Yogurt

Sometimes you really want ice cream.  This is a perfect substitute.  Bonus?  The kids will never know ;) 


What You'll Need:

10 ounce bag frozen mango 

3/4 c full fat, grass fed vanilla yogurt (regular or Greek)

Combine ingredients in high power blender (Vitamix, Blendtec, Ninja...).

Use blender stick to mix as you gradually increase the speed to med/high.  

Scoop into bowls and ENJOY! 

Serves 2-3 sweet bellies. 

Want more awesome recipes like this? Check out our meal plans!

mago yogurt .jpg

Corn and Black Bean Chowder

I will never forget the first time Chris and I made this soup.  Shortly after we first met, we picked our farm share, after spending the day at a wine tasting.

 We felt inspired by all of the fresh summer corn in our share, continued "tasting," and went to work.  Needless to say, we awoke in the morning to find a lot of corn kernels on the kitchen floor.  This soup best fresh, but can be frozen for up to 3 months.


What You'll Need:

2 c onion, minced

olive oil

1 sweet bell pepper, chopped

4 c veggie stock 

1 potato, chopped 

4 c corn kernels (best sliced right from the cob! 

1 can black beans, rinsed and drained 

2 tsp sea or Himilayan salt

pepper to taste

3/4 c grass fed half and half, or unsweetened milk of choice

Saute onion in large soup pot with olive oil until aromatic.  

With an exception of the milk, add remaining ingredients.  Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer.  Cover and cook until potatoes are tender, about 15 minutes.

Remove from heat, stir in milk.  If you're feeling spicy, sprinkle with crushed red pepper and ENJOY! <3 

Serves 4 as a main, 6 as a side. 

2019 CSA SHARES: Get in on the Local Goodness


It’s that time of year!! Maybe you’re already signed up for this season, or maybe you’ve never heard about them. A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share is a local farm offering a certain number of farm “shares” of his/her crop to the public. These vary, and typically consist of veggies, but often times include fruit, eggs, cheeses, and even meat. Consumers purchase a share from their selected farmer and receive a predetermined quantity of the farmer’s crop regularly throughout the growing season. Even in Western PA, where we experience a relatively harsh winter, there are plenty of programs and shares to choose from 12 months throughout the year.

Why should you sign up for one?

Our eating and shopping habits are not just important for our health, but for our local economies, the environment, and the future of our food system. We cast a vote each and every time we buy. How and where we choose to spend our money is really important, and every dollar we spend creates a much greater impact than we realize.

Nearly half (45%) of money spent within local markets will remain there. Compare this with a meager 13% of money spent in chain retailers, and it becomes evident that even the most modest change in spending habits can produce considerable economic impact. Eating seasonally can be hard off season, especially in these cold winter months. It takes a little bit of creativity, flexibility, and a willingness to try new things. Bonus? Foods eaten in season are more flavorful and packed with more nutrients.

Outlined below, please find some of my family’s favorite summer shares in the Western PA/Pittsburgh area. Click the name of each farm to be directed to their website!

Not from Western PA? Click here to check out Local Harvest to find a CSA in your area!

garlic scape &amp; spinach harvest

garlic scape & spinach harvest


-Weeks: 20+

-Cost break down: Lots of options, ranging from Market Share Cards (like a gift card for the market), or up to $32 per week depending on what your needs/interests are! 

-Extras: Garden shares, market memberships, pasture raised, happy pork, homemade soaps.  This year, they are also inviting CSA members to the farm house weekly to chop, roast, blanch, freeze and taste their harvest with farmers & others members!  They also host weddings and events at the farm!

-Pick up locations: On farm (Natrona Heights), North Side Farmers Market, East Liberty (Construction Junction)

-Perks: Aside from being one of the only certified organic local farms in the area, Jen, Greg,  Evelyn and Olivia provide the most personal experience, hands down. They are present for all CSA pick ups, and you get to know them well.  They understand the importance of farm immunity and gut health, which is why they encourage people to come out and spend time on the farm. They grow the best heirloom tomato you will ever taste, beautiful greens and garlic. These guys also team up with Four Frozen Farmers in December to sell Christmas trees at Construction Junction—a great way to support all facets of local agriculture!

pickled garden veggies, summer squash, farm haul

pickled garden veggies, summer squash, farm haul


-Weeks: 25

-Cost break down: A few options, ranging from $20-$30/week, depending on what your needs/interests are! 

-Extras: Cheese, mushrooms, chicken, coffee, winter shares

-Pick up locations: Kretchmann utilizes residential porch pick up locations, so they’ll you’ll be assigned a pick up area based on proximity to your home.

-Perks: Don and Becky grow tree fruit, which is hard to find grown organically in this area!

summer fruits, cucumbers sprouting, garlic

summer fruits, cucumbers sprouting, garlic


-Weeks: 32

-Cost break down: $19-$26/week. Lots of options, ranging from as little as 8 weeks- to full season at 32 weeks. Certified organic, gluten free and vegan shares available.

-Extras: Online farmstand with fresh cut flowers, eggs, cheese, pork, beef, lamb, gift baskets, winter shares, extra quantities of vegetables & fruit, honey, jams, relishes, local maple syrup & honey, canned goods.

-Pick up locations: Our business, 3 Rivers Outdoor Company, is hosting a pick up this season! You can come and see us every week in Regent Square and scope outdoor gear while picking up your CSA! Penn’s Corner utilizes residential & small business porch pick up locations; you choose one convenient for you.

-Perks: Also, because they are a cooperative, you will also find a huge variety with this share. Penn’s corner works with more than 25 organic and sustainable farms & food producers around the state, providing a wide array of farm fresh goodies.

annual garlic harvest, weekly CSA haul

annual garlic harvest, weekly CSA haul


-Weeks: 21

-Cost break down: small, large and biweekly shares, ranging from $16-28/week. 

-Extras: Online Farm Stand with eggs, Amish breads and cookies, extra quantities of vegetables and fruit, flower bouquets, pastured brown eggs, honey, cheese, jams, relishes, and frozen organic chickens.  

-Pick up locations: We’ve been hosting a pick up for Dillner for the last several years, so if sign up, you could see us each week at our home, too! They also utilizes residential porch pick up locations—you choose the pick up location that is most convenient for you.

-Perks: These guys also have a brick and mortar farm stand located just off of Route 8 in Gibsonia. It is a one stop shop for seasonal veggies, fruits, seedlings/plants, eggs, bread, honey and locally canned goods. I made a biweekly trip here last fall for fall fruits, and purchased the most stunning wildflower seedlings in the spring for my garden! 

heirloom tomatoes, North Side Farmers Market, gazpacho with garden veggies

heirloom tomatoes, North Side Farmers Market, gazpacho with garden veggies

In the meantime, check out this farm share inspired chowder, a family favorite,   here.

In the meantime, check out this farm share inspired chowder, a family favorite, here.

I have experience working with all of these farms, and am happy to answer any additional questions you may have!! There are sooooo many other options in Western PA, and definitely something that is a good fit for your family.  Explore options on  

Please also share your knowledge in the comments below! If you are unsure, and want to test the waters before making a huge commitment, opt for a small share (typically half of what is offered in a regular share, or offered biweekly). If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, many also offer work share/volunteer opportunities for a share discount, giving you the opportunity to be part of the magic.

Our family counts down the days until the start of growing season—being part of a CSA takes the guesswork out of what you should buy to eat; Mother Nature chooses for you! All of the farms listed above are accepting shareholders for the 2019 growing season. So, what are you waiting for?!

P.S. ~ Here's what our members are cooking up this week! If you want in, sign up here by this Wednesday (March 20th):

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--Banana splits for breakfast, HOLLA! 

--A hearty winter salad that will blow your damn mind

--Caprese linguine to get a taste of spring 

--Veggie loaded pizzas 

--And a coconut curry for the win! 

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Balancing Life & Self Care + Spiced Milk Recipe


I spoke with a friend recently who was like "Sarah, I don't know how you do it all!"

I told her something, and I want to share with you too. 

I shower an average of 5 days a week. I raise my voice. My small kitchen is always trashed. I drop f bombs. {Sometimes in front my 5 year old.} Ive learned to complete most things in shifts. I eat chocolate. We're always late. When I can, I stay in my PJs all day and cook. I shop the sales rack at discount stores. I give Ziggy lollipops and let him watch cartoons. Until about 6 months ago, I drove a car that had a tape deck. Yes, a tape deck. 

I am no different than anyone. I am just a thirty something first time mom. Like many of you, I am trying to navigate this season of my life… figuring out how to balance a career, raise a toddler, grow a baby, prioritize self care, keep my marriage and friendships alive.

It's easy to get caught up in the highlight reel. But let’s be real; nobody really has their shit fully together. Some days it’s not easy to release living up to the standard of perfection that is portrayed in the media. To look at what everyone else is “doing” and not feel adequate enough. But I need to tell you something.




Allow yourself to feel the way that you need to feel, even if that means not being okay some days. Allow yourself to be supported. Allow yourself to hang up your superwoman cape. To do what makes you feel good, continue to live in a way that makes you feel good and inspires you--let the rest go.

And above all, remember that you're doing a really great job. ❤️


Speaking of self care, you have to try this simple recipe for spiced milk. It warms the soul, satisfies a sweet tooth and has anti-inflammatory powers:

dairy free, gluten free, vegan

dairy free, gluten free, vegan

What You'll Need:

1 1/2 c unsweetened almond or coconut milk.

1/4 tsp ground ginger

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp turmeric

 1/8 tsp pure stevia

Heat milk, whisk in spices. Sip to your hearts delight!

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P.S. ~ Here's what our members are cooking up this week! If you want in, sign up here by this Wednesday (March 13th):

--Girl Scout Cookies for breakfast (yes, for real) 🍪

--A sweet and spicy lentil salad 🍏

--A heart warming soup, so fresh and so green green 🍲

--Healthy Alfredo! 🍜

--And a veggie loaded spin on rice and beans 🍚

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So awesome right?!

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Easy Foods to Stock up on Leading Up to & Post Baby 🤰🏻👶🏼 (or when life gets crazy)


We're expecting a baby any day now, and I told my hubs Chris last night that I was going on our last big grocery shopping trip to stock up on the essentials.  {like I have control on when this babe will come of something, ha!}  

If you're wondering if I did this same type of planning and preparing 5 years ago when we were expecting Ziggy that answer is a big-fat-no.  I did a lot of winging it back then, in every sense of the word, and stocking our freezer or planning for postpartum nutrition was NOT the first thing on my radar.  I mean, I don’t think it was on my radar at all.

I've learned a lot since then--one big, KEY lesson is how something seemingly insignificant (the food I put into my body) impacts my mood, my energy, my sleep, my patience, and generally how I operate on the day to day.  I've also learned that a little planning or prep can save me lots of time and headaches when life gets cray (because it all the time).

So, whether you're about to have a baby....or are just living your life waiting for a day to throw you a curve ball (cause it will), the resources I've pulled together are going to be super valuable!  

Check out my most recent grocery haul with #easybutton essentials:

And be sure to check out the Stock the Freezer Guide, free downloads, and more, HERE .

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P.S. ~ Here's what our members are cooking up this week! If you want in, sign up here by this Wednesday (March 6th):

 --Chocolate for breakfast (yes, for real)
--An easy twist on an old Mediterranean fave 
--Veggie noodles + curry oh my!
--A loaded baked potato that will not disappoint 
--And a protein packed eggplant dish that everyone will love

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Freezer Stash Meals + Free Downloads!

Soaking up the days (weeks?!) with this stud before baby comes. Also sneaking in one last date night with Chris tonight! 😍


We’re in that weird place where baby could come tomorrow 😳 or in like 3 weeks 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Let the waiting game begin! 👶🏼

Our freezer is stocked —The response around creating a resource that included my freezer stash plan, with recipes and a grocery list was an overwhelming YES! 🙌🏻

These recipes are simple, packed with flavor and nutrients, and are going to simplify our lives as we welcome the new babe. I know they will simplify your world, too!! I’m excited to share them with you. 🥳 Check them out here.

We’ve also updated the site with tons of amazing resources, free downloads, one week meal plans and other goodies. Some only offered for a limited time! Head over and see what inspires you 😍

I would love to know…what did you do in the days/weeks leading up to baby?

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Freezer Stash Meals

We stopped at target 🎯 before this grocery run and Ziggy asked “why are we buying so many things?”

stash with z.jpg

“Because I’m nesting” 😂🐣

The struggle is so real 🤣🤣

Doing some major batch cooking over the next week or two!! Stockpiling the freezer to make eating as well as possible EASY those first few weeks of healing & transitioning to a family of 4. (👪+👶🏼 omgeeee!)

The response around creating a resource that included my freezer stash plan, with recipes & a grocery list for each was an overwhelming YES! So, here it is!

Questions? Reach out to me directly!!

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How to Make Amazing Meals at Home

When I shared last week's free meal plan pics, I received soooo many messages along the lines of "I wish I could make my food look that good! Do you deliver?" 🚗

The answer?

I don't prepare & deliver (yet, lol!), BUT you can TOTALLY make food this good in your own kitchen!! 🤘🏼

This is beauty of these meal plans -- ALL of the hard work is done for you. We've developed and tested the recipes to ensure they don't suck. 👌🏼

Then, we outline what you'll need for each meal, complete with a specific grocery list for the week & pantry staples. Like literally just print and go. 📄

Oh! and a bonus weekly video with time saving kitchen hacks. 💃🏻

Still feeling short on time?

We include #easybutton hacks with each recipe, perfect for people who are busy, want to cut down on prep time, or who value convenience over budget. 🙌🏻

Expect these to be simple. Life is already crazy enough--there is NO need to over-complicate things! We include only what you need to know to get the end result (a fab meal). No fluff. 🦄

If meal planning isn't your jam...if it makes you feel overwhelmed...if you want to eat healthy but are tired of boring, bland food, want more variety and better health-- outsource that shiz! Give yourself the GIFT of these weekly meal plans!! 🎁

{tap the photos to see all the goodness}

This week's plan is LIVE and TO DIE FOR!!

I'm talking tacos for breakfast🌮

The meanest avocado toast you've ever experienced 🥑

A seriously bomb stir fry 🌶

Hearty black bean soup 🍲

...and a tex mex inspired salad for the taking. 🥗

Learn more and get yours here:

How to Get Your Kid to Eat Healthy Food

z apple.jpg

🍏How to get your kid to eat healthy food🍏

Give them choices that involve only healthy choices. They'll think they're winning 😉

Don't force them to eat anything. Encourage them to taste and celebrate their willingness to try! 🎊

Eat healthy food. Yup, you! They learn by what they see, not by what we teach. Be a good role model now, while they still think we're cool. 😎

Choose your battles. They'll eat nothing but bananas for 48 hours? They'll survive. Think back to what you lived on back in college. 😳🍻




PS! Did you know we just launched a meal plan subscription?! 

Learn more about The Veg Out Meal Plans here 👉🏼👉🏼

Get a taste (literally!) of what it’s all about, totally free 👉🏼👉🏼