Nourished Life

Nourished Life Mastermind: Women Supporting Women

The Nourished Life Mastermind is an inner circle of women who have completed 10-12 weeks of 1:1 OR group coaching programs with Sarah.  These women have built the foundation, and begun to lay the groundwork to continue to step into the very best version of themselves, in body and in mind!!

 So far, together, you have:

→ Identified high energy foods for your unique body

→ Identified YOU as the foundational piece

→ Plowed through self limiting beliefs that were holding you back from having the vibrant health {and LIFE} you want and DESERVE!

→ Obtained sweet freedom from judgement

→ Prioritized what is most important to you, HONORED it, and released guilt

 As you know, this is about so much more than simply losing weight or improving overall health. … that is certainly part of it, but really, a very small part. This Mastermind is for the women who have a desire to truly step into their ultimate greatness….TOGETHER !


We’ll see each other daily in the mastermind

We’ll meet monthly on webcall for group coaching

We’ll share ideas

We’ll motivate

We’ll celebrate

We’ll uplift

We’ll uplevel

We’ll support one other through MASSIVE GROWING PAINS


 It’s about staying tuned in week to week.  When you’re feeling stuck, to be guided to regained clarity on WHY you are doing this and to remain intuitively led,  which gets massive results in body and mind.


What’s included, in a nutshell:

Monthly group coaching sessions via webcall, the second Tuesday or Thursday of every month

Weekly mini coaching sessions via FB live in the private Mastermind group

Daily 24/7 access to private Mastermind group page, to ask questions, be supported, share ideas, and remain in a constant state of FLOW and ACTION

→ PLUS access to new programs and resources as they are launched, to “test the waters,” at no extra cost, including a free subscription to The Veg Out Meal Plan

women supporting women.jpg

My vision for this group of women was about long-life friendships and relationships both in and out of our meetings—and it has come to LIFE!   The community continues to grow.

In the long term, I fully expect to end up DOING joint ventures, adventures, retreat, collaborations of all sorts, and referral partnerships within the group!

This is about being part of a group of women actively and consciously taking ownership of their lives & their health, on purpose, and having an epic time doing so.  

Let me know if you're a HELL YES!