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Caprese Hummus

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What You’ll Need:

1 pint cherry tomato

parchment paper

2 cans cannellini beans, drained & rinsed

¼ c tahini

4 cloves garlic

1 tsp sea salt

¼ c prepared pesto

1 box brown rice crackers

1 bag baby carrots

Preheat oven to 425*

Roast tomatoes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper for 12 minutes.

While the tomatoes roast, prepare hummus by combining beans, tahini, garlic & salt in a food processor or blender.

Spoon pesto over prepared hummus. Top with roasted tomatoes.

Dig in with carrots & brown rice crackers for a perfectly balanced lunch or share with friends.

Serves 4 as a main, more as a side

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Let’s stay connected!  Contact me any time, here.

Let’s stay connected! Contact me any time, here.


What is a Plant-Based Diet?

If you’ve ever Googled “what is a plant-based diet” and came away more confused than when you started, you’re not alone.

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Who knew there were a million answers to that question?!


Rather than describing a specific pattern of eating, like veganism, it’s more of an umbrella term that covers different types of diets that emphasize one thing: eating mostly plants.  While that looks a little bit different for every {one} body, we ALL reap the benefits from incorporating more plants into our diet.  

The #1 question I get when around plant-based eating is always the same:

"Where do you get your protein?!?"


First, you don’t necessarily need to give up animal-based foods if you don’t want to.  Secondly, let’s think about this for a minute. Where do some of the worlds largest living things get their intense strength and power?

I'm taking elephants. Giraffes. Rhinoceros. Gorilla. Hippopotamus. Elk. and when they roamed the Earth, Tons of DINOSAURS.


Yup, you guessed it! Plants!


One cup of lentil soup will deliver nearly 20 GRAMS of protein. When combined with a balanced diet, deliver a complete protein profile, which is exactly what the body needs.

A  diet comprised of 100% plants isn't for everyone.  

What IS for everyone are the benefits we reap from incorporating MORE plants into our diet.  Plant foods are packed full of fiber, water, phytonutrients, antioxidants and micronutrients that the body needs to give us optimal energy, regularity,  increase immunity and maintain a healthy weight.

There’s a good change you are already incorporating more plant-based protein than you realize!

Check out some of these delish sources of plant-based proteins.  Prepare to be surprised!

5.3 in a row.jpg

Beans (kidney, black, garbanzo/chickpea, white, lima, etc) dried and cooked or drained & rinsed

Lentils, cooked & drained

Edamame, shelled, organic

Tofu, organic sprouted if possible

Tempeh, organic

Seitan, organic

Green peas

Hemp Hearts

Unsweetened nut butters (peanut, almond..)

Nuts; peanut, almond, macadamia, walnut, brazil, pistachio, cashew, hazelnut, pecan

Seeds; chia, pumpkin

Wild rice

Nutritional yeast



Steel cut or whole (not quick cook) oats

Protein powder, vegan; to add to smoothies

5.10 row.jpg

And, even these powerful green plants carry 2-5 grams per 1 c serving:

Organic, sweet corn


Broccoli rabe




Brussel sprouts



Portobello mushrooms

Hubbard squash

Collard greens


With all of this said, there’s no rule that says you have to label your eating style.  


There are as many diets as there are people on the planet -- each as unique as you are.  The most important thing is to find a way of eating that makes you feel fabulous, works for your lifestyle and one you can stick with for the long term.  Eating more plants is one easy way to do that!

We know this can sometimes feel overwhelming, so we wanted to share a sample plant-centered meal plan with you! Get your free download, and browse our meal plans, HERE.

Let’s stay connected!   Contact me any time, HERE!

Let’s stay connected! Contact me any time, HERE!

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Natural Remedies for IBS

How often does someone check in to see how things are .... moving ....?? 💩

Yes, for real. As someone who struggled with constipation for most of my adult life, this struggle can be REALLLLL, and really painful.

It wasn't that long ago that I cleaned out our medicine cabinet. I reorganized and threw away the norm--expired cold medicine, stray bandaids, the bottle of lotion with one squeeze left in it.

Miralax, stool softeners, beano, benefiber, metamucil..... among what was pulled out of that cabinet--the pool of over the counter supplements, meds and aids for.... 💩💨😳(or lack thereof 😫)


The struggle was real for a long time yo.

There was a span of a few years where I was terrified to eat anything because it seemed anything I ate caused me to blow up like a balloon — literally, my belly like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man. And don’t get me started on the frequent gas. 🥺

It was embarrassing. It was hard to talk about. And it felt shitty #punintened 😉

And for the longest time, I was putting a bandaid on the problems. I know what it's like to walk into a drug store willing to drop any amount of 💰 for any sense of relief or hope for regularity. It took a reallyyyy long time for me to realize that I would never solve the problem without getting to the root of the issue.

That started with the foods I was eating, and learning what works best for my unique body. 🍏

Want to know the magic formula?

While it’s not exactly the same for everyone, it generally encompasses 3 things: FIBER & WATER from plant foods + GLUTEN FREE sources of carbohydrates. That’s it!

You’ve got to try out this awesome plant-filled, gluten free recipe for Tabbouleh! It’s a favorite around here. And, if you’re interested in learning how to up the ante and serve this dish up with some protein packed, plant based savory pancakes, you have to get your hands on this week’s meal plan!

Our winter season was ah-mazing and we are currently seeking a limited number of test group participants for our spring launch of the the meal plan subscription.

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Here's a glimpse at what our members are cooking up this week! If you’d like to be a part of the exclusive test group, comment below or send me a quick email to secure your space!

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This week, we're diving into 

—Chocolate for breakfast!

—A hearty chowder reminiscent of summer

—A veggie burger that is sure to please

—Modern twist on the good ‘ol casserole

— And, a Mediterranean pancake that will blow your damn mind!

This week’s video is all about cutting onions, with a few tips to avoid the tears.

Let's connect!  Contact me HERE anytime.

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Free Plant Based Meal Plan Download!

I know from experience that trying to eat better can feel confusing, overwhelming and taste bland and boring. So, we’ve been working on an exciting project that makes eating your veggies not suck 👌🏼

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s on the menu this week and you can download it completely free this week!! 😍 (click the image to see them all!)

So, why more plants? 🌱

Aghhhhh where do I begin?!

It is not uncommon for people to experience any combination of the following by incorporating more plant based foods into their diet:

Physically >> Lost weight/inches, lowered blood pressure, lowered blood sugar, lowered cholesterol, balanced hormones, healthier hair & nails, healthier skin, lessened joint pain, regulated bowels 🙌🏻

Mentally>> Eliminated brain fog, increased energy, clearer thinking, overall sense of happiness, regained sense of control, reduced anxiety/depression 🧠

Another huge perk? You'll likely find you are saving money by eating more meals at home, having a plan, utlizing pantry staples, incorporating more plant-based proteins, and have an overall lower grocery bill! 💰

Actual reflections from people eating from the plans:

“The food tastes great. Best of all I have not been constipated since incorporating your food!! Finally!!!!”

"My energy is increased, and my skin is clearing up!"

"The recipes share ingredients so there is no waste!"

Learn more about The Veg Out Meal Plans here 


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Meal Planning Service!

"I am feeling overwhelmed and confused about all of the diet and nutrition information out there."

"I am too busy to plan home cooked meals!"

"I am so done dieting, and am ready to learn to eat in a way that I can sustain for the rest of my life."

I hear you loud and clear!


What if you had a simple place to start? 

A guaranteed way to begin to incorporate more fresh veggies into your diet, that didn't suck?

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What if it was DONE for you, every single week...

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 Would it positively impact your life?


I am currently seeking a limited number of test group participants for a meal plan subscription program.  If you are interested, please check out the details, and complete the application below.  This is an awesome opportunity to receive one month of deliciousness, and see a positive impact on your energy, your waistline, your wallet and your most valuable resource, YOUR TIME, at a discounted rate.

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Meal Planning 101: Part 3

Money.  We all have it, we all spend it.  It’s the HOW we spend it that gets us most often,  Today let’s talk tips to saving the moo-lah when shopping for food.

TJ grocery.jpg


Let’s first get back to getting in tune with your kitchen.  Since you now know what is IN your fridge, you know when it needs to be cycled OUT.  We don’t always get around to using every last bit of everything, even though it is our best intention.  At the end of each week, take a look at what’s in your fridge and PRESERVE.  The easiest way to do this is to prep and freeze.  Just about everything can be frozen and used later--let’s look at some examples.

Kraut  is super easy and a delicious way to preserve a giant cabbage.

Kraut is super easy and a delicious way to preserve a giant cabbage.

Veggies:  Braise and freeze.  I’m talking greens, broccoli, carrots, peppers...Just about everything (with an exception of lettuce & celery) freeze well for later use. Chop them up, braise in salted, boiling water for a few minutes, drain and pop into a freezer baggie to use in your next culinary creation.  Don’t have time for this? Start a freezer baggie for not-so-hot looking veggies to make a broth for later.

Half open containers of just about anything:  I’m talking the half used quart of veggie stock, the half can of beans in the tupperware, the cup of  cooked rice left from Wednesday.  Measure it, mark a freezer baggie, and pop in the freezer.

Leftovers:  Again, the majority can be frozen--even if it is just one portion.  Great to pull out of the freezer on a whim for lunch or dinner down the road.

2.  Buy in bulk.  You don’t have to be a member of Costco to take advantage of purchasing bulk food.  Buy QUARTS of yogurt rather than cups, BOXES of crackers rather than snack packs, 5lb bag of carrots instead of baby carrots and shop in the bulk section of your grocery store for grains, nuts, and other goodies when it is an option for you.  A pound of organic rolled oats in the bulk section at Whole Foods will run just over $2.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

3.  Commit to one plant-based meal a day.  This will, without a doubt, keep some money in the bank.  Bonus?  Better for your health and the environment!  

4.  Join a CSA!  A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is basically a local farm share.  There are so many great options and benefits here.  Our CSA typically breaks down to $23 per week, and provides all of the veggies (plus some fruit!) that we need for the week.  Most farms offer a budget plan, which allows you to spread out payments across a few months.  Ccheck out LocalHarvest for one near you! 

CSA Shares from 2017

CSA Shares from 2017

5.  Commit to ONE grocery shopping day per week.  You’re using that list you created while meal planning, so no excuses here.  Chris and I were the KINGS of stopping to get “one thing” on the way home from work and would come out $40 in the hole.  Multiply those “one thing” stops by 3, and you’ve spent some serious cash!!  There is a rare exception we allow ourselves to revisit the store each week.  Make that a rule for yourself and stick to it.  

6.  Consider making 2 grocery stops.  Go ahead, call me crazy.  If you are serious about saving money, you should DO THIS!  We make 2 lists each week--one for Aldi, a discount food store in our area, and one for Whole Foods.  The stores are located just miles away from one another.  We get what we can from Aldi, and then get the rest from Whole Foods.  I am more and more impressed with the organic options available at Aldi, and their selection is always changing.  

7.  Commit to the Dirty Dozen list when purchasing produce.  The clean 15 represents produce lower in pesticide residue, while the dirty dozen is the highest, so best to buy organic.  By sticking to this list, I feel good about what I am feeding my family and doing my part to protect the environment from the pesticide funk.


What tips do you have to saving the moo-lah?  Share below!